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zoe's surprise party

zoe surprised, originally uploaded by hep.

this last weekend was spent surprising zoe with the birthday party we have been working for months on. a bunch of her friends, (including several that are non-school friends, so special guests!) came over for hot dogs and cupcakes.

of course this party was not without drama. the evening before zoe slammed her wrist in the front door on accident and had to be rushed to the ER. i was convinced she crushed at least one of the tiny bones in there. however she appears bruised but fine, and should be healed in time to start volleyball next week!

special thanks to zane who was integral in getting this party off the ground. she handled the invites, getting invites to people at zoe's school on the sly, decorating, and was a huge help keeping the spring (fall) cleaning on track so we would be in time for the party. and she helped me whip out and frost 60 cupcakes in 2hours the day of the party.

so the party was a great success! next year i am thinking about surprising partying zane or evan. it's a lot of fun, even if it is a ton of work. and next year is a good time to do it since the year after is zoe's quince which will be another big huge project party, only more so. supposedly now i will get my free time back, yah right. i have already filled up on all kinds of new obligations with school starting again. the girls and i are trying to start a weekly photography club after school, and my normal during school volunteering will be starting again any day now

That table is absolutely beautiful. As is your daughter, of course.
wow gorgeous pics, yeah I'm missing out on good stuff here the kids are so big !! Love the decorated table too. :)
i know man, this is one of my last parties for her! i figure after the 16th its basically friends throwing you parties right? and thanks!
Enjoy every minute of it. I miss when Johnny was younger :( he's still alot of fun (when he's not traveling). If the kids (or you) want to go shopping at Urban Outfitters, I get a 40% off (the kid works there) he can get just about anything at a good discount.
Those cupcakes look great! It's so much fun to plan a surprise party, epecially when the surprisee (?) doesn't have a clue.
That looks wonderful. And Zoe looks like Jewel Staite in that first photo. :)
ahaha i totally didnt notice that, but now i can't not see it! i will tell her, she will be so happy because she loved jewel in firefly.
1. You make good looking kids.
2. I'm jealous that she's so much younger than I am and yet so much better at making her hair look awesome.
lol i do her hair. it's a point of irritation in this house that i have to do EVERYONE's hair. my mornings are stressful hehe!

and thanks you!
everything is so adorable! Zoe looks so much like you in that last picture. glad everything was so successful!
Seriously, you are the coolest mom ever. I totally wanna be like you!
i am a big lover of cupcakes. its an excuse to eat one of each!
That looks like so much fun!! I hope if I have kids one day that I am able to come up with such great ideas for them.
Man, I'm sure you hear this a lot, but you are pretty much the best mom I've ever encountered. Seriously. Uber-fierce.
She is so super beautiful, Hep. You must be so proud! Also, those cupcakes are also beautiful, and you and Zane did a great job.
so awesome. happy birthday zoe!

y'all gonna do the full quince when the time comes?
your daughters are beautiful and i have to say, they looks so happy in every picture i've ever seen of them. you're a great mum! zoe must have had a wonderful birthday!
She's so beautiful. I love that picture of her pointing all surprised.