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hep of the now

hep of the now, originally uploaded by hep.

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today i finally received my annv present from yuriy in the post. he got me this bracelet, which, if you can't tell, is a pair of sharks jaws. i am not a huge little mermaid fan, personally i would never leave my whole world just for some guy, i would make HIM do the leaving of worlds for mine. but we kind of use that as our joke (my personality opposite the little mermaid, to the point where i pretty much actually did make him leave his world for mine) and before we were dating, i used to always make him show me this picture of him holding a shark he caught. he would always tease me that i wanted to look at him, and i would tease him back that i wanted to look at the shark. what can i say, i LOVE sharks.

i am sure i will take 193984984938493 more pictures of it later. i love it so much tho! i am not a huge jewelry fan, usually i like quirky weird stuff that many other women find odd (like for instance, my necklace i am wearing in the first pic, yuriy got me that for christmas. it's a gun that holsters to close the necklace) but when i do find a piece i like it pretty much becomes a part of my uniform. now i need to find little gold charms to add to the chain. i was going to replace the flounder and seastar, but i figure i will leave them on, to remind me of the children (they LOVE seastars) and yuriy (he loves to catch flounder).

so, weekend plans? any locals want to go shooting? (cameras, not guns, although i would be down for guns as well, if you want in on our normal saturday morning shooting outing)


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