pacman inkee


zane, originally uploaded by hep.

today i snapped these pics of zane and evan with my fisheye.

getting evan to let zane hug him was quite a chore. he is such a teenager.

I love these... round pictures you've been posting. Sorry, I'm sure they have a proper name.
it's called fisheye. and thanks you! i finally got around to hauling this lens back out.
fisheye is probably the most abused photo special effect after lens flare, but when done right it's really nice.

these are adorable.

#1 badass
#2 fucking adorable
#3 u high?

zanes hair is hella 5th element XD
Those pictures are so cool! I can not get over Zane's hair! It is amazing.

I feel you on the teenage thing. Hailey did a nose dive in to the pool of being a teen and I am still freaking out. It is even worse since she borrows all my clothes and I thought that I was done with that when I stopped living in the same place as my sister. I want my blank tank top back damn it! LOL