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fisheye golden gate bridge.

Oddly I just finished watching a documentary on the GGB called "The Bridge" about all the people who jump off of it. Kinda sad. Cool photo though!
thank! oh i know that film! a bunch of people i know were in it, because almost everyone locally knows at least one person related to a person who jumped. the person in it "gene", we knew their whole family. it is a super sad haunting film, but i think really well done. the ggb isn't even my favorite bridge here, the bay bridge is, but you can't walk across it yet. soon tho!
Gene's story was especially sad because he had so much screen time!
I think they did a good job with the film. It could've easily gone the wrong way.

I'd think the 6 degrees of seperation would be pretty short if like 25 people a year jump off that thing. Craziness. :-/

thx you! i got about 5000 more too. eventually i will post more selects from that batch!