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beauty meme

So this meme is about beauty and our favorite products. Post your top 10 favorite products, it can be anything. From simple almond oil to something you make yourself to something from a drug store or even more expensive products. The sky's the limit.

But there's one catch; the first person to respond to your meme and post their own? You need to send them something. It needs to be inexpensive, so think samples, decants, freebies, etc., of one of the things on your list. And then they'll do the same when they post, sort of a pay it forward type of deal. The holidays are coming up and besides, it's good karma so anyway, without further ado, here's my top 10 beauty items in no particular order:

Magic Shaving Powder. I learned about this stuff from lishd, it's amazing. removes hair anywhere needed, and keeps it growing back thinner and easier to manage. 7 mins max and you are done, hairless, and ready to go for over a week. beats carefully shaving for 20mins every couple days.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion. keeps eye makeup in place and creaseless for hours. also works as just a base shade if you are, like me, too lazy to put on eye makeup in the morning but do not want to look like a corpse.

Almay SmartShade Foundation. i have freckles, which messes with perception of your skin tone. most foundations don't work for me, but this one always does and looks perfect. i use shade 300.

Garnier Fructis Style Sleek & Shine Anti-Humidity Smoothing Milk. my hair can get awfully dry and I hate when it's not shiny. this stuff always works to add moisture back in and make it easy to straighten.

Tigi Bed Head After Party Smoothing Cream. to give hair an extra punch of shine i always smooth this on. it also keeps flyaways completely under control.

Clinique High Impact Mascara. my eyes can be so dark that if i do not balance my lashes they disappear even tho i have nice thick lashes. i hate when my eyes look like holes in my face.

Urban Decay Eyeshadows. in basically every color. some of my daily wear favorites are Cherri, X, and Blunt. some of the ones I use as liners are Ecstasy, Shattered, Gunmetal. some of the ones I use as specialty wear are Asphyxia, Urb, and Mary Jane.

Almay Smart Shade Blush. love this for the same reason as the foundation, natural real looking blush.

Sally Hansen Lip Inflation Plumping Treatment. my mouth is small (even tho it sounds quite big) and this stuff really works to make it stand out and not get lost with my often overzealous eye makeup (i am ~*creative*~ ok). plus they taste nice. i love every color.

Aqualine Pink Sugar Rollerball. i love love love the smell of this perfume. it smells just like cotton candy and the county fair. even as it fades out, it avoids smelling like anything other than a very sweet day.

Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm. my absolute favorite and most essential item used daily. I always have about 3 tubes on me (just in case i lose 2 or they melt). i swear to god we should all own stock in this company because i am pretty sure i am currently spending like $10 a week on chapstick.

i love love love this meme omg what do you all use?
Deodorant and toohpaste. That's it, that's my whole list!
almost half my list is various hair maintenance, which you totally get to bypass having way easier hair to care for. really i could have added another 5 hair things to this, but i didn't want everyone to be like "wow hep....lot's of hair stuff going on.... anything you want to tell us ms. half-a-yeti?"
Yeah, I'm lucky in that regard. Even when it was long all I ever had to do was brush it.
yeah unfortunately i have super thick latina hair, so if i do not do stuff to maintain it, it goes completely out of control. (for instance, if i don't brush it every couple of hours it will start to breed giant tangles underneath, to the point where it will take me a half hour to comb it out if i go all day without brushing. or i have to cut out a literal fist sized chunk.) i also hate that feeling of like, hair catching on stuff? so i tend to do stuff to keep it super smooth so it won't catch on anything.
it's amazing and i literally send positive thanks your way like at least once a week.
This stuff is what black dudes use to shave if they are prone to getting razor bumps (which I'm told are uncomfortable and annoying as hell). It does work like magic.
HOLY SHIT YAY! I'm start compiling a pkg of goodies to send you! Also, I think I need to get the magic shaving powder asap!
that garnier fructis smoothing milk is SO BOSS. and i'm picking up some of that magic hair removal stuff!
yes. but it smells SUPER BAD (no matter where you use it, not just the cooch area :), just as a forewarning.
also if you have super sensitive skin you have to super watch for burning. but basically it works on everything, even my one friend uses it for eyebrows. its specifically formulated for faces, so it's supposed to be gentle (and there is a more gentle one but i use the normal because it's easiest to find and i have thick latina skin that can take anything)
Woooo. This is a good one. I forgot how these kinds of memes work though.

I love this crap. I love to go to sephora and put fucking EVERYTHING on my face that is in there. Also I put like 5 different kinds of perfume on in there and walk out looking and smelling like a streetwalker. For some reason it is one of my fave things to do. Last time I came out looking like a peacock and smelling like a porno.
yeah after we did community service yesterday i made evan accompany me into sephora becaue i needed to replace something. he was like, is this an entire store for makeup? wtf! so i made him try a bunch of moisturizers as punishment.
Must get magic hair removing powder. Never heard of it before. Thanks.
it's like a magic? testing it out! :D (i only ever have to deal with armpit hair but even that is a pain in the ass)
If you are into perfumes, I am getting ready to junk most of my BPAL and others, because, let's be honest, I don't actually wear any of them anymore. Shoot me yr mailing address and I'll send you an assload of decants.

I could probably come up with 10 things, maybe....
that would be awesome! i always wanted to see what the bpal stuff smelled like, but i have not that much free time to sit down and read all the descriptions.

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Hep, I had no idea you were a black man. JK. I have been wanting to try that powder forever, thanks for reminding me! I loooove that Sally Hansen lip infusion stuff, too. I like how it's tingly.
it is awesome. so much nicer than shaving. smells like the devil tho (literally like hell since i believe sulfur is an ingredient)
Re: here is my list
yeah you were totally the first! but i don;t have to send you stuff, i can just bring it over! hehe!