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I Love Zaney

I Love Zaney, originally uploaded by hep.

zane entered the town costume contest tonite (theme "Someone from the 1950s"). obvs her choice was easy.

in other news i appear to have seriously sprained my right wrist (or somehow damaged it, i won't know until i can go to the doctor next week). it's not too painful, altho my definition of pain is sometimes strange, but i am mostly highly frustrated at either not being able to do anything, or having anything i do take 10x as long. it shouldn't have taken five mins to type this paragraph for instance. hrgl


hey unrelated note but i am thinking i should learn to take better pictures because my pictures always suck. I only have a point-and-shoot but my friend has an SLR I might try to practice with too. Any advice on websites that will teach me to take good pictures?
this isn't a website but if you have like $20 hanging around, i thought scott kelby's "the digital photography book" was a pretty decent book. . . there are three volumes (note that they're not versions but actual separate volumes) so make sure you start with the first one. . . his writing style is kind of informal and while his attempts at humor may fall flat, it keeps the book from being a dry read and, in my mind, works pretty well. . . here's a link to a review:

i also dug the national geographic photography field guides. . . this is the basic one:
but they have field guides that deal with specific topics like people, travel, and landscapes. . .

btw, as for "only" having a point-and-shoot, you should note that generally it's not the camera, it's the person behind the camera. . . if i went out on a shoot with hep and had a $5,000 dslr setup while she only had a shitty cellphone camera, she'd *still* be taking shots that looked far better than mine. . . in many ways a point-and-shoot is better to have than a dslr 'cuz the best camera to have is the one you carry with you everywhere, and a dslr is definitely one of those cameras that you have to pause and think, "do i wanna lug this thing around with me?". . .
in many ways a point-and-shoot is better to have than a dslr 'cuz the best camera to have is the one you carry with you everywhere

haha, this sounds like me when I talk about guns.

Thanks for the tips! Problem is that I'm in South Korea so I can't really order any books or anything, the shipping is prohibitively expensive. And I'm sure I can do a lot more with my point-and-shoot than I currently do, but I mean that I'm hoping more to find stuff for point-and-shoots than for SLRs.