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dear epalz

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even when i ignore lj because i don't have time to write lavish posts for you all, i still post pretty much every day on tumblr. a lot of it is older work, but i also post a lot of new work that i don't get around to posting here. in the meantime, i am excessively busy currently. however i am hoping to carve out time to write a quick post this weekend. <3

you are such a sweetie! i love that tumblr has such a strong art community. i have already found so much stuff i like. i am totally planning to do an inspiration tumblr off of things that perk my interest or love. i also am reconfigging the theme i am using, and adding my likes into it (i had it on my other theme but i just switched to this one). i think that part of art is so important, what inspires other people! and i will definitely follow her, i love other photographers. it's my fav part of tumblr!
sometimes i feel a little like the only person on my flist who made the jump. i see all the great features and community there and can't help but wonder why lj didn't move that direction ages ago... oh wait
except for a the little things missing and you wonder why they refuse to learn from the blogging services that came before them.
they think that staying the course brings success, when in reality, it's being well-adapted to changing business environments.
OMG i saw that too! no i WISH i had! or if i could just eat one!