pacman inkee

engine # 7

engine # 7, originally uploaded by hep.

today was the annual soapbox derby, and zoe raced (but didn't win :<). i have a ton of pics to edit from that, but i am super tired and have to go shoot for another 2hr so you get to wait on those until next week (aka forever). so instead, this is a firetruck. when i was 4 i wanted to be a firetruck more than anything. but that's not why i am posting. someone write me a bio for my stupid tumblr bio page. in return i will send you a print or something.

what do you want to have written? give me an idea, i think i could help. mostly, i would like one of your prints.
all i put so far is this:

"i am a professional photographer living in san francisco, ca."

anything more and i feel totally stupid and pretentious writing, you know? this is the part of being an artist that i am not good at because i can't take it seriously.
Hmm... Well, I don't know you well, so I'm not much help. Is the purpose of your bio to introduce yourself to prospective clients? If so, I'd write about your training, how long you've been taking photos professionally and maybe your favorite type(s) of photography?
no for clients i have a portfolio and bio much like you described. this is more to like, i dunno, introduce myself as an ~*artist*~ to people from the tumblr community who are interested or something. i am not really sure. i just hate writing about myself in that kind of context. i think im gonna do a mix of stuff i like to photograph and funny quotes from people.