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odrama bin HAXED (>^_^)> <(^_^<) HAMTARO WAS HERE

fremont train

fremont train, originally uploaded by hep.

as always, i am swamped. our car has been in the shop for days, luckily with my tripod in the trunk so even if i could drive to work i couldn't actually do it. so my house itself has never been cleaner! not to mention we are 90% done with the girls' halloween costumes (0% for evans, but all he needs is a couple things), 50% done with mine, and i am like 30% done with the xmas shopping for everyone! but my boss is unhappy as we have a million things to shoot, and we can't put them away until they are shot. so cross your fingers that today they fkn finally learn how to swap out a clutch cable in a timely fashion.

last night after glide evan and i took bart home and shot some long exposures of trains. i am going to take him back down into the subway with two camera bodies and a couple tripods (when i get my good one back!) and do some more of these this weekend i think. i love trains!

tonite we have an overwhelming schedule, IF the car is out of the carspitol. both girls have volleyball games, then we are running over to the east bay to see a lecture at the boneroom and visit with paradoxx181. THEN we are picking up yuriy's sister and her husband over there and having a birthday celebration with them. and then hopefully getting the girls back into bed at a reasonable hour. somewhere in all of this mess we also need to do homework and chores. we will see how this all plays out.

what is everyone up to for halloween this year? i have a pretty epic top secret costume planned out, but since my partner needs to be there for it to work, i came up with a pretty funny backup costume to wear to the school (i teach a photography class at the kids' middle school, plus run the photography club there. i also do a lot of photo for their yearbook, so will be there all day on the friday before halloween). i am going to dress like a normal high school student, but pile on highlighter and glitter to make myself a glittery in the sun vampire :D. now i just need a set of those cheap plastic fangs! anyone have any good brands of super mega glittery highlighter to try? i was planning on just picking up a big tin of the super cheap wet and wild powder stuff. what are you guys gonna be for halloween?


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