pacman inkee

costume girls

just a quick post to show off the awesomeness that was the girls halloween costumes this year.

zoe was a princess doll in a claw machine. her claw machine really worked too! she had a chute to dispense candy down, her claw was on a working pulley, and the machine was filled with assorted stuffed animals. there was even a lightup button!

zane was in a bathtub taking a bath. she had a backwasher, a sponge, even a mexican rubber ducky (RACIST!). we filled the "tub" with blue streamers and stuffing for bubbles, with about 400 cut out giant sized bubblewrap bubbles as well.

now i have to go work 5 million hours (3) at the school photobooth fundraiser. harkening back to my formal dance posing days! hope you all get a million candies!
rubber duckies aren't racist. THAT rubber ducky is racist because to show how it is "mexican" it is wearing a sombrero (not so bad), a bandolier of bullets (what?) and a serape. it was in a box of a bunch of non-ethnicity based theme duckies (pirate, nurse, doctor) and i took that one because it made me lol. we call it our racist duckie.
super creative!

did the vending machine accept quarters?
yep! but we have to break open that compartment to get them out which we have not done yet.