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a note to my CA friends specifically, and US friends in general

tomorrow is not only my favorite cultural holiday (more on that later) but also an important political day, and i am posting today to remind you all to get out and vote.

i am reposting this from substitute because he is a much better writer than me:

I hear the same thing each election: "It makes no difference" or "They're all the same" or "My party/candidate/entire system betrayed me again." And therefore, one more of my friends doesn't vote. Most of my friends are somewhere on the left, and I want you to vote.

I share your disappointment. The Democrats have backed down so much in the last 20 years that they're currently Eisenhower Republicans. It's dispiriting, and it's hard to be enthusiastic about most of these candidates.

Please vote. Here's why.

They're not all the same, and there is at least one huge difference between the parties.

If you are a woman, or have women in your family, or if you just like women, please vote for the Democratic party candidate. The Republican Party has almost uniformly opposed women's reproductive rights. Their record on equal pay is just as bad. The Democratic Party defends women's rights. Which do you want in control of Congress and the governors' offices?

Despite the depressing similarity of candidates and parties, the rights of half the people are at risk from one side. And no matter how competent or centrist the Republican candidates appear, control of the Senate and House will have the same result for women.

Please hold your nose and vote a straight Democratic ticket tomorrow. It's important.

hep's note: also remember about all the important ballot issues, and important small scale stuff like district supervisors and school board. that stuff may feel trivial, but is actually more vital to communities in the active day to day sense than overall governing in sac. PLUS BALLOT MEASURES!! YES ON 19!! CA NEEDS THE $$!!!! :D :D :D

but srsly, get out and vote, and when you do, remember how lucky you are, unlike people such as my beloved significant other who has never been able to exercise political freedom in any country, this one he has adopted, or his home country that denied political expression to everyone at the time. so i would also ask gently that you would vote to support immigrant rights regardless of the legal status of said immigrants. <3

and in return, here is a blurry pic of jason djing on sat night. i was trying for 3-6sec lx of him, to get a lot of motion, but a lack of tripods mixed with my inability to not bounce around if there is music playing mostly blew those shots. :)

I think voting is important, but no love for the third parties? Come on! They don't have the amount of ballot access the big two have and also don't get state-paid primaries. Which is a fucking farce. Your tax dollars are used to keep the system two sided and it's incredibly unfair.

Also, when people say "they're all the same" the best thing to do is say, "then vote for $Party you hate." It's fun!

i didn't bring up third party stuff because here in the bay area third party is kind of a loaded word. there are legitimate third parties (that are fringe in the rest of the country, but legit here as in they actually control a significant portion of local seats, esp. the green party of course) to non-legit third parties, such as the moonchild party, the no-nukes party, etc. personally i don't care how people vote, i was more interested in the parts of his post that were just promoting people to go out and vote and get past their jadedness. i am always way more interested in ballot measures and non-party seats (like school board, etc, where usually, at least around here, you don't run under a party affiliation) which i consider actual political jobs which progress things and make community changes, the rest of california governance is a joke and i am as guilty as everyone else in not caring who the next governor is, since it won't change anything anyway.
That's really interesting, everywhere I've voted, every single position listed a party except for when voting for court judges.
here instead of a party affiliation it says what they do (their irl job i mean) next to positions like that, like for county school board it will say "bob smith - teacher", "joe bob - lawyer", etc. but perhaps i get a different ballot because i am registered independent? iirc all the candidates are just listed together as well, instead of being broken up into party sections. but at this point it has been 2yrs since i filled out a ballot so i will check again tmrw and report back. is it illegal to take cellphone pics of an unfilled out ballot? i also usually fill out a paper ballot because i dont like the machines.
It's sad that when I vote for the dems I am not voting for the progressive party anymore. But it's better than voting for the regressive party. Also, yes indeed on prop 19, even more reasons for us to visit the Yay Area in 2011!
San Francisco now apparently has what they call "instant runoff" voting which is similar to the preferential voting I grew up with in Australia. Under these systems instead of picking one candidate you rank them. This lets us vote for people we actually agree with but have our vote still count towards the candidates that stand a chance. It's also a way to get 3rd party candidates actually elected (for example Greens candidates get elected in Australia) and since minor parties publish voting guides the ordering of the major parties in the minor parties' voting guides is a way of the minor parties affecting major party policy.
greens get elected here too. wasn't gonzales green party? i think he was, or one of the more legit sf third parties.
Greens get elected at the federal and state level in Australia. They hold the balance of power in the Australian senate and are part of the government.
yeah, by here i just meant sf. at a state level it has just been bickering and whining between two siblings for forever.
IRV is awesome and needs to be implemented everywhere. We also need to look at voting/democracy systems like they have elsewhere where there has to be inclusion/representation by third parties, even if very small, just to keep from this polarizing 2 party bullshit.
If you don't vote you can't complain. Except for me because I have taxation without representation and I complain about that.
I'll be voting! But not straight ticket, because there is a guy running for office in my district who calls himself a Democrat, but he is opposed to abortion and same-sex marriage and for abstinence-only sex ed. I don't think he's in the right party.
i wont be voting a straight ticket either. there are a couple people in the peace and freedom party that i wanna vote smaller seats for, and green party. lol california
i was always planning on voting, but babeland is giving out free silver bullet vibrators if you vote. you can order them online with a special code, if youre not near a babeland.
i forgot to re-register after i moved & when i remembered, it was too late. boooo.