I love celebratory photos. People spilling into the street, chanting, hugging strangers ... it takes me back to when the Steelers last won the Super Bowl. My town went nuts and it was amazing just to be in the middle of all of it.
I was outside my house getting some stuff out of my car when the game ended (I figured I had more time before the end of the inning) when I heard people screaming from inside their houses all over the neighborhood haha
lol, we had to run to a friend's house on market st. it was the switch in the 9th inning, but i figured we could make it in 7mins. halfway there everyone on the freeway EXPLODED, people were weaving, hanging out of windows, it was INSANE. these pics were only the first two hours before the cops showed up too. my friend went out about an hour after we came home and his pics are all cops, bloody people, broken windows and glass haha.
ALSO i meant to post on your lj like forever ago but i have been busy as fuck for a month. if your laptop is still not turning on the display, you can connect it to a regular monitor with only a small, cheap adaptor. so you can just hook it up to your desktop computer monitor and it will still work fine!
I got it to turn on one day (it used to turn on like every 4th time I turned it on, now it's more like every 20th) and I've just left it running since then.
Eventually it will freeze and need to be retstarted, so maybe I'll finally just have to buckle down and hook it to my desktop.
hehe i know right? that pic is a perfect moment in time. i love the drivers face too in the bus.