pacman inkee

cotton candy sky

some of you already saw this on fb or tumblr. posting here for everyone else to see too. this is the for real colors on the bay at sunrise yesterday morning. ungar postulated that the merapi eruptions are pumping dust into the atmosphere and giving us these amazing sunscapes. however, as we enjoy these amazing vistas, people are dying abroad in a modern day pompei. if you would like to help, donate to these organizations which are currently and actively distributing relief aid throughout the affected areas in indonesia:
The Philippines is still lucky that Mayon volcano barely erupted last year. Still not as bad as when it erupted in 2000. So horribly horrific for Indonesia :( (still enjoying the skies tho)
volcanos are scary, but also on my bucket list to shoot. i am totally fascinated by them, as with most other great earth cataclysms. i used to demand james tell me all about mt st helens eruption when he would visit. i definitely wish we could witness the effects without the tragic impact on humans and wildlife tho. :(
omg you and me both! when I found out Mayon was erupting in '00, I demanded to be taken there! (my mom's ancestral home is like 20 miles away from the volcano) it was crazy, and I did see the gigantic black cloud of dust and volcanic ash, and the glowy lava is just too awesome. I was a poor college student though so I didn't have any pics :( but yeah, I get kinda excited by that stuff. I should be a geologist.
yeah i have always wanted to study geology too! esp for access to volcanos! man, if only i had like 20 spare years so i could earn the other 8 degrees that i want.
There is a live volcano in Guatemala you can hike up. It is called Pacaya. I hiked it like 2 weeks after it erupted and closed the Guatemala City Airport. It was truly amazing to see lava flowing like a river.
Unfortunately my photog skills are not even near close to what you could do. :\