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planet sf

sf globe, originally uploaded by hep.


what up flist. i have a rare free moment between boss a making unreasonable demands, boss b whining at me, boss c ordering new edits, and boss d zoning out and forgetting that we have 4 major production deadlines at the end of this month. but whatever, my name isn't on the door, so it's not my problem. those are the only bosses i am currently working for today. i took the last two weeks off from most of my jobs because i know how busy i get around halloween and ddlm. so due to a lack of professional editing work on my plate, and rather than get cracking on my backlog of personal editing (well, i did the ddlm photos, but i still have giants parade photos and halloween stuff to sort through, not to mention like 10 other things i shot in between those) i decided to fool around with an old technique on some recent photos.


these are called stereographic projections, and are an output of sending a prepared file through polar coordinate remapping. in layman's terms that means you send the prepared image through and your editing software takes all of the image coordinates and puts them into a new order, producing a new image. if you google "stereographic project tutorial" you will get a wide variety of techniques, but my personal favorite is adapted from this photoshop tutorial. you do not need to use a panorama to do it with either, although that will produce the smoothest joinline. as you can see, i tend to use any wide view of a skyline.

original was an outtake from this:

the hardest part of these is cleaning up along the joinline if you did not use a full panorama, or fixing the sky if your sky was uneven. i recommend a little detail work with the smudge tool, the healing brush, and the clone stamp. also rotating your image to not have the join line exactly at 12oclock helps as well. also prepping your sky and ends before hand to match in tone and color will save your editing time at the end. try this and post your results here in the comments!


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