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i know most people here have seen this already, but for the few of you who may have not yet witnessed the glory, here you go. this lady is amazing. she manages to distill down every californian conspiracy theory in existence, in four mins. everything she says, i can source to a real place that believes it. fluoride in the water poisoning us? santa cruz. wireless causing cancer? sebastopol. china emp? orange county. REPTOIDS? everywhere, but shasta specifically. (disclaimer, i am 1/16th reptoid) californians: this is what the rest of the world believes we are. she is like a perfect troll storm. amazing.
I love her big fake tits.

In some videos you can see her standing in front of a thomas kinkade painting and that is exponential lulz.
Did this actually get broadcast on the news? Like the real tv, not like a youtube thing?
i think she was on like 2 southern news channels as the "daily character" when they had that weird missile trail go up in socal. ( that is the story, even tho it is not a reputable news site it was all over the news when it happened. iirc they still dunno what it was) that is what she is talking about for part of this clip.
srsly i do too. she literally takes every myth that californians believe and runs them into a 2min tour de force right there. she needs her own show on fox stat!