pacman inkee


sutro, originally uploaded by hep.

this image is kind of schizophrenic. it's long exposure (that light line is a plane with blinking lights very slowly flying past). wide-angle, off set. all kinds of stuff going on.

don't forget to drop me your address in this all-screened post if you would like an xmas card this year, or email it to dis at gruntle dot org. i will periodically remind you all again.

i have to head up to the school shortly to help with the international feast. lucky for me, the girls' dad helped them make their dishes last night because there are few things i dislike more than cooking. baking i don't mind, but cooking is a pain. better get my butt in gear and quit editing stupid antenna pictures!


It took me a sec to realize what the blue thing was in the lower left corner. I guess that's a railing. It looked almost like a canal to me for a moment. I'm surprised it's so evenly lit.
I like the line the plane made.
Is the whole tower kind of leaning to the right?
that is the fisheye effect. because i was shooting on a fisheye turned into a wideangle (meaning, fisheye zoomed in) it distorts the entire picture around the central hub. meaning all normally straight lines will be angled away from the absolute center of the image. good eye!!
I guess the railing was another give away that I missed.
I was only focused on the tower because my guy works on those things haha
heheh that is awesome! my family are big on tall steel structures too. i have a special place in my heart for sutro because my great grandpa worked on the erecting crew.
The top of the tower looks like it has an angry face on it, like a giant, laz0r-shooting robot.