pacman inkee

lj sigh

today has been a trying day. i am sad. so i am working on xmas cards to make myself cheer up by forced exposure to happy memories. this picture reminds me of summer, i snapped it during our brief roadtrip south at the beginning of summer.

catching the sunlight through the wave without any blurriness...idek how you do that
fast lenses! when you come out, or when we roadtrip there i will teach you!
oh cool. sf is p much at the top of the list of places ive always wanted to go. with the flight bennies it will be like 1-2 days notice, though. thats the only downside to those dirt cheap plane tickets. but all i need is a plan for getting from the airport to you (and back) and somewhere to sleep for like 2 nights.
if you fly into sfo it literally takes me 5min to pick you up, and you can definitely crash on either our couch or the girls room depending on their schedule (they go away a lot so its entirely likely that they would be out of town!)
yes! do you get overnight layovers or only a few hours? either way i know a ton of fun stuff to do!
haha your pic looks like a real-life photoshop job. it reminds me of this one i took with a mavica yeaaaaaaaaars ago:
i love focal area isolation, its a favorite technique. i bet if you posted that on reddit everyone would be all SHOPPED! I CAN TELL ITS SHOPPED BECAUSE OF THE PIXEL DISTRiBUTION! hehe
i love it too, but mine was just by accident on a pretty lousy camera. :) the upcoming hx1 will be so much fun to play with though. i wish we lived within reasonable driving distance so you could make it sing.
i know, the internet is awesome, but it makes having friends hard when they arent right here! t12 and i have been planning on roadtripping way more next year tho!
yeah and more moving up there all the time. but seriously, we have three tentative roadtrips planned, one to the interior california deserts (we might do that this week), one to nola, and one up all the way to vancouver, but stopping for extended periods in portland and seattle. this was the year of camping, so next year, 2011, is the year of roadtrips!
Holy wow! It looks like the wave is going to eat him.
You make the best posts; and really good comments too.

I hope the sadness passes.
I'm trying to be as apathetic as possible about the drama.. it's probably easier for me since I've stepped so far away from eljay recently. Honestly, I just want some new cute cards to go on the wall by my bed next to the 2007 cards <33
I don't know exactly why you're sad, but I'm sorry. I hope something thrilling comes along to cheer you up.

And that picture is gorgeous. The level of detail makes it extraordinary.