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bffs, originally uploaded by hep.

i shot this a few weeks back when we were shooting skylines for something or another. it's me and pascal sitting in front of the sf skyline up near twin peaks behind the randall museum. in light of the recent ljdrama it is probably a good time to let people know that if you ever talk behind the backs of my bffs, nullcherri, demure, k_hate, ninjalie, t12, aempirei, writewrongs, (or oclet) (or yuriy) i will not be able to run fast enough to tell them. i get that we all have expectations of privacy, but these people are some of my best friends and i will not trade on their friendship for someone i am friends with online. you should probably remove me if you have a pressing need to diss them and think this will be a problem.

i have made some new friends over the past few days. you guys should head over to my intro tag if you want a brief (wordy) primer on whats going on around here. the short version is that i am a photographer from san francisco in my early thirties with three kids. the longer version is way more detailed, complicated, funny, easy to judge, and an all around amusing tale of parenting the hard way. i highly recommend starting from the bottom and working your way up.

the rest of you should head over to my hugbox and leave me hug related love.

i am finished with 90% of my xmas shopping for the children and i am planning on taking the crown of Best Present Giver Ever for the 10th year in a row. now if i can nail yuriy and my parents, i can get the coveted trifecta of Best Present Giver awards, wherein i will attain gloating rights until the next major present giving event over all the rest of the present givers. i am feeling mighty accomplished with myself until i remember that i have a month left in which to get gifts, whereas i owe four pies the day after tomorrow. PRIORITIES!

we are postponing our nola trip until late december. however i am trying to pull together a road trip to the salton sea this weekend before everyone heads back to work. does anyone else want to go because i have enough passengers to entertain me, however i would like another driver because it is long haul driving. CAMPING IN THE DESERT IN WINTER WHO WOULDNT WANNA GO!

dont forget to head over to this post to leave me your addr for an xmas card if you have not done so already!

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