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last night we climbed a mountain and broke into an abandoned hospital. we also hung out with a bunch of cops at a 7/11 twice. nullcherri took this photo while doing those things. my hair is getting so long. it's well into the annoying catching point, where when you say, lean back in your chair or the car, you have to be careful not to catch your hair with your back (pinch the hair against the seat while leaning back) and then suddenly can't move your head (always fun to find out while trying to look over my shoulder to merge). i also have a bad habit of laying on it at night with my shoulder, and then being unable to turn over. i could just wear it up all the time, but i mean, what is the use of having long hair if you can't wear it down sometimes? first world problems my friends, my hair is too long and shiny hehe!

i am far too cruel to mine with chemicals and heat to ever have it look like that. its beautiful!
omg your hair!

my hair is getting so big that i keep breaking ponytail holders. it feels like an accomplishment.
yeah that happens to me too. i also can't really put it up in ponytails much anymore because it's heavy enough to slide out now, so i have been doing a lot of sidebraids and braided twists. i wish i could do more buns and stuff but that heavy and smooth thing makes it impossible. combs, chopsticks, pins, all that stuff slides right out.
i REALLY wish i could figure out how to do a bun. dreadbuns are so cute but i am totally clueless. i wonder how heavy it would be. ponytails make me feel like i'm giving my neck a workout, but they're cute so i'll never stop.
SHINY!!! lol I feel all WRONG if it's any shorter than that. of course, I am wearing it up all he time now due to small babby. He still just grabs it at the back of my neck, though, so whatever.
yeah i cut mine when evan was about 9mo old. it was down to my butt when braided at the time. it was just too much of a pain to constantly be moving it out of his mouth, dealing with him yanking it while nursing, etc etc. and mine doesn't do buns, etc that well (except for that ponytail style where you just only pull it halfway through on the final pullthrough, but i hate that kind unless i am just doing housework) so i was like fuck it. then i had 1000 variations on the aline bob for 13yr. i like the way my hair looks long, it's just kind of like having a tail, something i always have to think about 10 sec BEFORE i do anything, hehe!
i could just wear it up all the time, but i mean, what is the use of having long hair if you can't wear it down sometimes?

People confuse me for a chick if I wear it down, so I held this problem ff for a while. By now, it's so ingrained in my every movement that I don't notice it.

Someday, I'll probably go bald and look really stupid doing a bunch of things. 8)
I've always thought you had hella short hair.

Anyway, that's a cool pic.
My problem when I let my hair get too long is that I accidentally roll it up in the car window while I'm driving. :(

That's not even just a first world problem. That's like an upper class world problem. Or like a model problem!

I demand photos of your UE.
hehe yeah i had a bob for about 13yr, but the last few years i have just been ignoring it and letting it grow out
holy crap your hair grew that long so fast! mine grows so slow :(