i think it does because i think you can get financial aid if you have legal permanent residency. i think yuriy got it for college and he is only a resident alien, not a full citizen. however, that was also quite a bit of time ago and immigration stuff has had at least one full overhaul since then. there is also stuff with scholarships, i know some of the non-status immigrant youth who are pushing for this act are up for some money awarded for merit, and i think (dont quote me on this, it was over a year ago i read the article about it) they can't get it because they are state schools, so it's technically state money? also, yuriy's residency wasn't a normal process immigration granting, they came in as refugees which i believe is a kind of conditional as well. immigration law is such a pain in the ass to wade thru and understand tho. even after "simplifying the process" aka making it cost thousands.
yeah, you can qualify for federal fa if you're a legal citizen *or* resident. so I guess this will provide those people with temporary legal resident status so they can receive aid and go to school.