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yesterday i was walking my dog on the fire road that borders our property (and one of our cats was walking with us, tho not on a leash. our cats and dog are friends.) when a gigantic pitbull came barreling down the mountain and grabbed zorya's face and throat and started savaging her. luckily for her she is a giant malamute with a super thick furry ruff, AND she is shedding out her summer coat and growing in a 2x as thick winter coat, AND she has an extremely thick leather collar, so she was mostly ok. she has some puncture wounds and lots of hair ripped out. it took 20mins to pry the other dog off her with both me and the other dog's owner (who had let her dog run offleash because she didn't see anyone around) holding both of them and trying to lever his jaw open with a variety of sticks, ropes, etc. luckily she took the brunt of the damage and the cat took off and was able to hide. it took me quite a bit of time later to convince him to come out of the bush and go home. all of this happened about 20ft from our front door.

i haven't been taking zorya to the dog park for awhile because other dogs always insist on attacking her (which causes her great sadness) often running from the other side of the park to where she is alone (on leash) specifically and with the sole intention of fighting her. now i am worried about even having her in the yard. this is the 3rd time in six months that she or another animal has been attacked by offleash dogs in our yard. i am also never leaving my house without my phone again. i actually walked up to the front door with her on the leash with the intention of getting it, but i didn't want to upset grep who is still convalescing on the couch from her surgery on her kitty abscess. zorya won't attack the cats, but she will try to sniff all over them which would offend grep's delicate sensibilities. so i turned around and did not get it. NEVER AGAIN.

then our internet was out for 24hrs. so what did i miss flist? plz catch me up.

That sucks :(
We took in one of my dad's friends for Thanksgiving a few years ago and he brought his dog with him, a border collie, and the second it saw Boston (my dog, pitbull) he latched onto his throat. Took 2 grown men and me to get him off Boston and then I kicked him into the pool because he kept charging. Dick dogs have dick owners. The dude didn't even offer to pay for the vet bill or say he was sorry.
I'm glad your dog is okay!

In other news: I got your card in the mail! I'm not gonna lie, it was pretty damn impressive. I enjoyed the photos and the update! :D Happy Holidays!
WTF man, isn't there a leash ordinance? I would be so enraged, honestly. Is your yard fenced?
there is, and it mostly is but is open on some sides due to our driveway, etc. we are, however, completely surrounded by open (private) land that many people in the neighborhood insist on using as an unofficial dogpark regardless of how many chickens of ours they kill. it's an on-going problem. we have fences but dogs don't understand fences and they can get through them if they really try anyway. usually zorya can handle any dog that steps to her, but this dog seriously matched her for size and she is 100lbs.
You probably handled it better than I would have. Did the owner at least apologize profusely and offer to pay vet bills?

I mean, what if it had been a small child? *projecting*

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yes i read her the riot act after i calmed down. at first i was just distraught about the dog. like, if she died, not only am i devastated because i love my dog, but that also ruins xmas. this is the last xmas i have with one of the kids being kind of little! but yeah, i told her that usually the dog is walked by my very small young daughter, that we have livestock just past where we were attacked, that originally the dog was going for my cat which surely would have been killed. i told her if i ever saw the dog offleash or without a muzzle again i was going to report the whole thing to animal control. she is new in town so i will give her one pass that she honestly didn't know that there are a ton of children and animals in the area (not just ours either. everyone in the apts on the other side of the street has cats) but fool me twice, shame on me, you know? i will not hesitate to bring everyone in town in on this if it even comes close to happening again. we don't even let OUR dog run offleash up there and its our land!!
I'm glad you tore her a new one. That sounds like an animal that should never be off-leash, period. But it sounds like you handled this in a very reasonable way. I hope she takes your warning very seriously.
well, technically the dog aimed for me after the cat disappeared, my dog just got between us to take the brunt. so i would put it more in the category of "went after a human aggressively" than not. but often large dogs go for smaller dogs out of prey drive, which is the same reason that they will go after kids. in most cases after starting attacking on smaller dogs an aggressive dog will move to children next. dogs attack each other out of predatory aggression and it's often a short leap from correcting other dogs to correct all perceived social animals below the dogs social standing if the behavior isn't stopped or otherwise corrected with training. this is why the adage of the dog biting children after biting dogs exists, once the dog perceives that the predatory behavior is acceptable to other dogs (in not being corrected right away, most humans use the wrong form of correction for these kinds of incidents) they often will start to display it to other animals (and to a dog, humans are just large animals).
i thought about doing some sort of motion triggered pepperspray mist. but people jog there too :( that is also another neighborhood complaint, because it's not a "real dogpark" no one cleans up after their dogs, so joggers constantly get surprises :(
aww pobrecita! asshole need to keep their dogs on a leash. it drives me crazy that i can't take my kid to the park without dogs running up. you never know and so of course i have to regard all unknown dogs as potentially dangerous and ugh

yeah fuck people who dont leash their dogs

get well soon zorya and grek
Oh my GOD! I'm so glad to hear she is all right. How on earth can people act like that? I am so outraged for you!

I love animals so much, and I have been surrounded by animals my whole life, especially big dogs. But if, god forbid, my dog EVER attacked another person or animal and did not stop as soon as I called to her, I would put that dog down. That type of blind aggression and lack of control is unacceptable, especially in large dogs who can easily kill a person.

I'm so upset by this, especially because my dad's dog is a cold-weather dog like your Zorya and is the sweetest thing ever. She gets genuinely happy to see other dogs, and I'm just imagining how emotionally upset she would be by an attack, even if she was not badly hurt.
i have like ten because i am a pro photographer. all nikons. mostly the stuff i post to lj is taken on a d50, or a d5000. occasionally a d300 but i usually leave that at the studio. i usually use a bunch of wacky older lenses tho which gives this stuff a unique sort of charm. i am really fond of super old manual prime lenses from 1957-59.

i am always super down to either talk shop to other photographers or help people who want to learn about photography! i really love it and i love talking about it hehe!
I just got a Nikon D90 and I'm attempting to start doing budget wedding/portrait photography.

I'd love any pointers, your pictures are amazing.

(also, glad your puppy is okay!)
omg i wish you were local because i just got offered a wedding TONITE and i don't shoot people. i used to shoot people for like the last 15yr, but i got tired of it so i shoot trains now. trains don't mouth off to you! they just occasionally reflect too much light. i also do other weird large scale commercial stuff because it's super fun and challenging. i shot weddings then high school senior portraits and formal dances, then children, then fashion for like 5yr. totally over shooting another human unless i LIKE them hehe!

i have plenty of tips for you! i highly recommend getting one of the old kogaku manual prime lenses. they are a pain in the ass to learn to focus on, but they have this amazing dreamy quality that can't be achieved otherwise. barring that tho, getting any 35mm or 50mm prime that opens up super wide is a good bet. that shallow depth of field can't be beat. i am going to pick up this lens fairly soon because it seems like a good price for something that opens up to f1.8. plus it will be like 4x lighter than my current 35mm prime.

weddings and portraits are the easiest to break into. the nice thing is that it's super easy to build a portfolio because everyone wants those things for cheap. let me know if you ever run into specific issues!
I wish I were local too!!
Thank you so much for the advice. I just bought the camera, so now I've got save a bit to buy more lens! I want so many of them :)
she is so sweet. she is like a lovebear.

im all for offleash in the dogparks, etc. that is totally a valid place to run your dog. but i mean, a residential neighborhood where hella people have pets and small kids isn't. drives me nuts.
we have them but, it's a SUPER small town and everyone thinks their dog is a unique snowflake. i won't even let our dog offleash IN our yard because i know that dogs don't understand what fences are and she can jump most of ours.
dang Zorya is HUGE! i was thinking of a scenario like that and I would've probably just picked up the little pug and kicked the pitbull but yeah...I can't pick up a 100 lb dog. Glad to hear she's all right.
yah totally. it also didn't help that it was on a hill and the pitbull was BIG for a pit. im only 5ft so carrying the dog means its only like 4ft off the ground. i did carry zorya up the hill (its a pain in the ass but doable. like carrying one of the kids now. i use a dog fireman's carry hehe) back to the garage. mostly i think she was mad i wouldnt let her get her licks in, but i didnt want things to get worse or for the other dog to get a better throatgrip.
Your doggie is such a adorable, fuzzy face. I love her! As bad as this was, I am SO glad she wasn't seriously hurt.
Extra treats for Zorya!
OMG I am glad Zorya is ok at least a little bit. That is scary... Maybe you can carry a stun gun and if it happens again stun the dog?