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zorya, originally uploaded by hep.

yesterday i was walking my dog on the fire road that borders our property (and one of our cats was walking with us, tho not on a leash. our cats and dog are friends.) when a gigantic pitbull came barreling down the mountain and grabbed zorya's face and throat and started savaging her. luckily for her she is a giant malamute with a super thick furry ruff, AND she is shedding out her summer coat and growing in a 2x as thick winter coat, AND she has an extremely thick leather collar, so she was mostly ok. she has some puncture wounds and lots of hair ripped out. it took 20mins to pry the other dog off her with both me and the other dog's owner (who had let her dog run offleash because she didn't see anyone around) holding both of them and trying to lever his jaw open with a variety of sticks, ropes, etc. luckily she took the brunt of the damage and the cat took off and was able to hide. it took me quite a bit of time later to convince him to come out of the bush and go home. all of this happened about 20ft from our front door.

i haven't been taking zorya to the dog park for awhile because other dogs always insist on attacking her (which causes her great sadness) often running from the other side of the park to where she is alone (on leash) specifically and with the sole intention of fighting her. now i am worried about even having her in the yard. this is the 3rd time in six months that she or another animal has been attacked by offleash dogs in our yard. i am also never leaving my house without my phone again. i actually walked up to the front door with her on the leash with the intention of getting it, but i didn't want to upset grep who is still convalescing on the couch from her surgery on her kitty abscess. zorya won't attack the cats, but she will try to sniff all over them which would offend grep's delicate sensibilities. so i turned around and did not get it. NEVER AGAIN.

then our internet was out for 24hrs. so what did i miss flist? plz catch me up.

I just got a Nikon D90 and I'm attempting to start doing budget wedding/portrait photography.

I'd love any pointers, your pictures are amazing.

(also, glad your puppy is okay!)
omg i wish you were local because i just got offered a wedding TONITE and i don't shoot people. i used to shoot people for like the last 15yr, but i got tired of it so i shoot trains now. trains don't mouth off to you! they just occasionally reflect too much light. i also do other weird large scale commercial stuff because it's super fun and challenging. i shot weddings then high school senior portraits and formal dances, then children, then fashion for like 5yr. totally over shooting another human unless i LIKE them hehe!

i have plenty of tips for you! i highly recommend getting one of the old kogaku manual prime lenses. they are a pain in the ass to learn to focus on, but they have this amazing dreamy quality that can't be achieved otherwise. barring that tho, getting any 35mm or 50mm prime that opens up super wide is a good bet. that shallow depth of field can't be beat. i am going to pick up this lens fairly soon because it seems like a good price for something that opens up to f1.8. plus it will be like 4x lighter than my current 35mm prime.

weddings and portraits are the easiest to break into. the nice thing is that it's super easy to build a portfolio because everyone wants those things for cheap. let me know if you ever run into specific issues!
I wish I were local too!!
Thank you so much for the advice. I just bought the camera, so now I've got save a bit to buy more lens! I want so many of them :)
even when you have 100 lenses, there is always just one more lens that you want. the nice thing about the kogaku's is you can find them on ebay for $25-50 usually. so if you ever find yourself with some extra pocket money i highly recommend grabbing one. that other prime, i am in the same boat man. i want it bad, but i can't justify dropping that much cash on something i DONT NEED right before xmas hehe!