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winter semi-formal

winter semi-formal, originally uploaded by hep.

evan and his girlfriend raven went to the winter semi-formal last night.

beforehand i made them go to the yerba buena gardens to pose for some shots for me. as IF he is going to get out of this w/o a photoshoot.

too cute!

Wow, that's enough to turn a cynic into a romantic. They are just the picture of young love.

your kid is totes a lady killer.

great shots btw, I love that fountain at yerba. once saw a man kayaking in it XD
i know right? i was thinking just yesterday about how he used to be a tiny baby and now he is bigger than me! when we were decorating the tree this year we got new ornaments so we can start making ornament packs for when they eventually move out D:
Woah, I don't log in to LJ for a year and this is what happens??? Man, that must feel so buzzy and make you all gushy at the same time.... too cute <3