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xmas tree

xmas tree
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i finished putting the living room together today, along with the tree that is already up. the children gave me an early christmas present, for many years i have wanted a RC train set to go around the tree. i also snapped off some shots of a few of my favorite ornaments. this year we went with blue and aqua theme for the tree, with mostly silver, but also some gold accents. i need to start separating out ornaments because in a few short years the children will begin leaving to start homes of their own, and they will definitely want an ornament care package to build their own collections off. it was fun and a little teary to sort through all of the 16years of ornaments i have collected.

i am 100% done with my xmas shopping with the exception of one person, and i need to pick up one item for Zane's stocking that wasn't in stock when i went last week. this year i had no trouble shopping for the children, but i was sort of stumped for yuriy. i eventually decided on getting him these nice metal collapsable bike baskets that i know he had been eyeing a few months back. i ordered them online, and the day they came in he opened another package that he had ordered for himself which contained the SAME THING. longtime readers will know this is a common problem every year, just as i decide on the perfect gift for him he mindjinxes me and buys it himself (or starts to) prompting me to have to ruin the surprise. oh well, the ones i had gotten him were better anyway, and i still have like 6 more gifts hidden away.

i am on the very last of my christmas wrapping, and a good bulk of gifts will be removed this weekend for the first of 4 family christmas parties. all the cousins on my mother's side will be gifted freeing up quite a bit of space (there are like 30 of us, and we were all raised very closely, more like siblings sometimes than cousins. so we all do gifts for each other. kind of a pain, but also fun.) i am also harboring a bunch of gifts for one of my aunts who won't be coming this year as she will be visiting my other uncle and aunt i mexico.

getting the mantle done was my big goal for today. the stockings need to be up so santa can start seeing if the gifts fit, and what needs to be reorganized to go under the tree instead. tomorrow i start the serious house scrubbing in prep for 35 people to come over xmas eve, and 15 people to come over this sunday. where are you all in your christmas decorating?

dang i love my train.
That is a sweet-ass train! I have a tree with sparse lights on it, but no ornaments. I don't own any, but I might have to make some or something. My tree looks really bare:
that is how our tree looked our first xmas in our own house. we made a ton of stuff from construction paper hehe. we still use the construction paper ornaments to decorate the dining room (ugh that is on my list today. so messy!)
Your tree is gorgeous! Sounds like you're going to have a busy house on Christmas Eve. Lots of fun though, right? :)

yeah luckily we do it every year too, so i already know what i am getting myself into!
they try and sit in it. mostly they are stealing ornaments and hiding them elsewhere in the house. one of our cats is a cat burglar, if he sees you playing with something in your hands he will try to steal it and secret it away. it's too funny.
so that's how you make a futon look nice! :D

I didn't realize how fixated I was with Audrey Hepburn until I realized I have 2 tshirts with that breakfast at tiffany's pose on them.

bf headlined the xmas decorating. all the neighbors have awesome xmas lights and inflatable santas and we don't, i'm kinda jealous. the kid decorated the tree.
i loooove audrey. i feel her personality in b@t's matches how i desire to be. i really want the zombie audrey hepburn shirt from threadless too!

i havent done outside decorations at all this year. i will put up my star and that is probs it.
We have a tree and stockings up, that's about it. Toddlers and cats make it hard to have christmas decorations because they destroy them..
yeah the first (many) years i would get a super small tree (like 3ft) and put it in the center of the dining room table. at least that way the kid wouldn't break everything on it OR unwrap all their gifts because children don't understand "wait until xmas day". now we only have to deal with cats. we have 3 kittens currently (2 that are 7 months old and 1 3 month old) and they keep stealing ornaments and generally having a jolly old time trying to climb the tree. out of our 6 cats only three are well-behaved enough yet to leave the tree alone.
Awesome tree and decorations. The train was one of the first things I noticed. How cool are your kids to get you one! Love the pictures.
The tree is gorgeous!

I had trouble reading the entry because I kept looking at the photos :P

I don't decorate for christmas anymore because anything that resembles christmas decorations is intensly interesting to the cats and they. must. have. it. So I just go to my parents and revel in theirs.
yes we have that issue too. i have 6 cats, 3 of which are kittens under a year old (and one is only a few months). so it has been HUGELY interesting to them. i found out however, that if i run the train they all flip out and evacuate the tree area, so now i just keep the remote in my pocket while i am working around the house hehe!
Looks fantabulous!!
I love the train that goes around the tree too.
Do the kitties chase it? :)