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odrama bin HAXED (>^_^)> <(^_^<) HAMTARO WAS HERE

twilight: eclipse?

twilight: eclipse, originally uploaded by hep.

hello flist!

i am majorly majorly sick. which sucks because i have to do xmas eve dinner for like at least 30 people on friday night. which means the house needs to be cleaned, organized, and prepped for that many people. so i am concentrating on trying to heal up in time. otherwise it will be a very plagueful xmas. this isn't my normal kidney sickness however, so please don't worry. i just caught whatever form of childplague zane brought home from school, and it's a bad case since i was lucky enough to escape childplague for a few years. sniffles, sneezing, complaining about sneezing, the works. but i will totally be fine in a few days with some rest.

last night the children and i watched the eclipse from our yard. we were worried up until the last moment that the incessant cloud cover was going to knock out our viewing. we made a list of backup places we could make it to in time, and kept an eye on the weather sites radar data. lucky for us the cloud cover mostly broke for the entire event. it made for shitty photography because, even tho we could see the eclipse fine, the cloud cover kept blowing my 25sec exposures (which is about as long as i could shoot without getting moonshift blur) after awhile even all the hot cocoa and fresh warm popcorn wasn't able to warm us, so this is as good as i have gotten. did anyone else stay up to watch last night?

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