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best of shot for flickr

i am trying to select my best shot of 2010. below are the ones i have narrowed it down to. please pick your favorite. if you liked a diff shot please comment it. click the shot to see it fullsized. you can see the entire set here. you should probably click to see fullsize if you aren't familiar with the images because there is a lot of detail that gets lost for the smaller versions, particularly the images with starfields in them. feel free to peruse my flickr to see if there are other shots more to your liking, or look through older entries of mine for this year. alternately you can look at my tumblr where i try to post new work as i process it.

Poll #1659921 best shot of 2010

please choose one. click the img to see the fullsize.

That is super tough! I picked the first one, because it seems the most unusual.

Second choice was a tie between the third, fifth and sixth. The tree seemed so unreal, the 5 Fulton seemed like a perfect shot of its time, and the St. Francis fountain has beautiful colors.

Runner up - the cotton candy sky. I have a real weakness for sunset shots. (Mind if I add you on Flickr? I'm Katlet over there.)
yeah, my biggest problem is i love the context of some of them so much. the 5 fulton shot really was the perfect shot. i kept getting SO close to getting it, and when i finally got it it was like a sneeze after 10mins of itchy nose buildup. that AHHHHHHHHHHH PERFECT feeling hehe!

yes i love flickr friends!
This was tough, there were 4-5 that were tied. The tree one I chose makes me think of dark nights on my grandparent's farm or at my mom's family's place in Colorado.

My favorites are all the night shots showing light in various ways.
I think I just gave myself an aneurysm trying to decide between #3 and #5. All of them are so fantastic, but those two stick out for me :)
ARGH. I had a big ol' train of thought critique typed in explaining my choice and LJ ate it.

Can't re-type right now, but let me know if you're even interested in hearing it and I'll put it back together later.
I love them all, but in the end, I'm a people person, so the first shot was my favorite!

You do amazing work!!!!
They are all seriously amazing, but the third one takes my breath away. Gorgeous.
I voted for the last one just because it's so different to me. I love the tree against the starry sky and how the whole photo is dark and then ZING! great big huge color in the bottom corner. I also have a special place in my heart for night photography because I'm so bad at it.
For me, 5 Fulton. because it IS the perfect shot, and it's relevant to things in general.. everyone can get something from it.
I went with 5 Fulton, but only after talking myself into, "It has to be representitive of 2010".
While I hope the Giants win another World Series, the chances of it happening again next year are like 30-1.

P.s. I got my pictures and your card in the mail yesterday :D Thanks again! John was like "Is that the bay?!" and I said, "The prettiest Oakland has ever been!" haha
I'm sorry but I can't vote because your best shot - the fish-eye lens thingie picture of your dog's head - is not among the choices. :(

Second best is your daughter pointing at the camera when surprised at her birthday.

Well... I'll vote for the bubble and Zane...
So hard to choose... But I do like the bridge shot.

(Hope you are feeling well.)
that was super hard. but i think the first one is amazing in so many different ways. i have a million second choices!