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lets all remember summer and times past

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now that winter has us in it's mostly foggy and slightly drizzly grip (at least around here. i am told that some of you get something called snow? i saw that once in tahoe) i missed my 10yr ljversary, which happened on the 13th. (Created on 2000-12-13 16:35:17 (#32999)). so looking at it like this, i have had an lj for roughly 1/3 of my life. i check my lj daily, and read you all every day. some of you guys i have been friends with since the very beginning. some of you guys i had massive drama with and we later became friends. some of you guys i barely know and have just e-met but am enjoying learning about all of your lives. and some of you are my closest and deepest friends and i cannot honestly imagine life w/o you. lj has introduced me to my best friends in the world, facilitated my relationship with the man i adore, helped give me an outlet for emotional purging and cries for help. has helped give me a showcase for my photography and trolling work both here and abroad. so thank you lj for existing, first under the rule of brad (sorry about the wife thing dude) and later under control of our russian masters. we worked through mina trott, leah culver, and a variety of other women who sometimes possibly make a bad name for women in the tech industry ( was re: rounding numbers). thank you lj for being ultimately hackable and allowing bantown to run roughshod over your codebase to get us all permanent accts (and special thanks to weev for that as well) and thank you all for being my internet friends, and sometimes irl friends too. livejournal is the best internet diary a girl could have.

the sad part is i had a personal online journal (hosted on my webpage) before that for like 5yr before that at least. TOO MUCH INTERNET!
I LOVE YOU ALL remember when we used to read comment notification emails
"the wife thing" Ugh... We drove out to stay with him the night it happened. Man that was a crappy situation. He's much better off now though thankfully. We <3 his new gf.
yeah poor guy. i am always fond of brad because he takes all of our crap (and by that, i mean all of my crap, because let's face it, i'm an instigator) and never acts like a jerk about it. he is a total good sport, he understands where i'm coming from and sees the humor in it.
" so thank you lj for existing, first under the rule of brad (sorry about the wife thing dude) "

oh sweet jesus, you went there, lollllllll