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end of the year post

sup lj! here is my end of the year in photos post! click to see more detail.

jan - abandoned pier on treasure island and san francisco skyline

feb - chinese new year parade dragon

mar - butterfly on zoe's hand

apr - sea anemones at the california academy of sciences

may - red tailed hawk flying

jun - study of rust from drawbridge, ca, a fully abandoned railroad town

jul - silhouette study of dried weeds at lake chabot, oakland, ca.

aug - redwoods at richardson's grove, ca

sep - narrow depth of field study of a coin operated telescope at sutro tower, twin peaks, san francisco, ca

oct - long exposure study of the 101 & 280 interchange, san francisco, ca

nov - giants fans spilling into the streets in revelry directly after the world series win, 7th & market sts, san francisco, ca

dec - my cousin eduardo with his 1 day old baby son kale

tomorrow i will post my kids & yuriy yearly pic post. hope you all have (or had) a wonderful and safe NYE tonight!
I love them all, but something about July made me stare for like 5 minutes straight, it's so beautiful. Love it.
The twin peaks one is probably my favorite of all time, ngl. I have a very tender spot in my heart for that place.
I can't choose a favorite. June, August or September?

These are all amazing.