pacman inkee


before i go out, i want to put up an rip oscar grant post. let's all remember when two years ago tonight a father went out to have fun on nye and ended up giving his life because of racist police.

tonight, post-midnight we are going to go on an oscar grant memorial bart ride. ping me if you want to join up.
I'm going to link this to FB and Twitter. Not much, but about all I can do at 4:35AM. Thank you for the link and video Hep.
I am drunk as hell, and so I am going to tell you, you are so fucking stupid about this, hep. so. Stupid.

How dare you accuse the BART police (i can't spell the officer's name) of being racist? How fucking dare you? It's so goddamned easy for you, isn't it?

I've known you for years, and I like you very much, but you have no concept of what it's like to wear that badge for even five minutes. You could never do it. You would die, or someone else would. Yes, that cop fucked up in a big way. I can't forgive his incompetence. But how dare you call him a racist?

Do you know that a year before he died, Oscar Grant almost killed a good friend of mine? Do you have any idea the kind of person he was? No, you don't, because then you would lose the vicarious credibility you claim from supporting him now that he's dead.

He was a horrible human being, and a horrible father. Did he deserve to die the night he did? No, he didn't. That was fucked up. But don't make the guy out to be a saint, and don't make the BART cop (still can't spell) out to be some kind of monster. Because you have no idea. And you should really shut up about it.

if you want to be outraged about something to make yourself feel important, then go do something that matters. There's plenty of bad shit in the world. But this isn't it. You can't sit behind a computer in your middle-class world and act self-righteous about a guy who would have stuck a gun to your head and taken your purse if you'd ever met him. This guy would have eaten you alive, and the bottom line is that your kids are safer for his being dead. Even though he shouldn't have died that night the way he did.

I have attempted to proofread this and make it sound less insane, but I have failed. Basically, shut up. You don't know what you're talking about. Direct your energies to things that matter, please. There are lots of actual victims in this world that need your help. Oscar Grant is not one of them. He's just an easy ticket to "cred" with a group of people who would eat you and your children alive if they had the chance.

If you want to talk about this in person, let's do that. Maybe let's go get food or something. I haven't seen you in a long time. I need you to know this isn't written out of animosity, but out of a desire for you to stop being stupid, because you're better than that.

Okay, happy new year. Good night.