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2010 best in pictures wrapup - me, yura, and the children

year in pictures of the children, me, & yura. these months will have two images because i just couldn't pick in most cases. sry! this is the last time i will totally break your f-pages for at LEAST a week.

jan - zoe working with cow cheek cell dna

jan part 2 - yura at our post-xmas brunch with friends

feb - zoe with her friend after performing in the school play version of The Wizard of Oz.

feb part 2 - evan being menaced by a character from the video game bioshock, at the opening for the sequel, bioshock 2, downtown sf, ca.

mar - zane sitting with my uncle johnny on his bike after my other uncle's wake

mar part 2 - evan holding up his war banner he made while fishing

apr - evan with a suckerfish while camping

apr part 2 - zane at the Challenger Space Simulation Field Trip, chabot observatory, oakland, ca

may - yuriy and i riding a ride at the santa cruz beach boardwalk, ca

may part 2 - zoe and adam savage at the makers faire

jun - zoe and zane on a carnival ride at the county fair

jun part 2 - zane after being un-intubated finally during her hospital stay

jul - zane walking zorya at lake chabot, ca.

jul part 2 - yuriy and i at his sister's wedding. technically i did not take this, but it was on my camera, and i focused and composed it, so fuck it.

aug - my darling yura when we went out to lunch one day, at we be sushi, sf, ca

aug - zoe at the moment of surprise during her surprise birthday party

sep - evan and zane after an art show

sep part 2 - zane dressed as lucille ball for a '50s theme costume contest.

oct - zoe and her (almost twin) cousin sabrina after playing each other in basketball (zoe won!)

oct part 2 - technically nullcherri took this. but i still love it. yuriy, khate, and me on halloween as characters from bioshock.

nov - evan and his gf raven at the dia de los muertos parade in sf, ca

nov part 2 - me and my close friend pascal, remote exposure self portrait overlooking sf, ca

dec - evan and raven before the winter ball

dec part 2 - all the children opening a gift together
man, looking back i am seeing that it is highly obvious why i am always so overbooked.
I love all of these, what a beautiful family you have Hep! And thank you so much for the card, I adore you all.
I just came here randomly from b_h and, fyi, you have a beautiful family!
Love these pictures. Your kids seem to constantly be doing cool stuff or immersed in cool stuff everywhere. Happy New Year!
Your kids are so gorgeous! It is great to see how many fun activities they are in to. The SF area seems like such an amazing place to raise a family.
yes! and probably because he sometimes goes by jim as his "american name". common weird assimilation tactic by immigrants. it took like 2yr of us dating before he was used to going by yuriy all the time (and he still goes by jim at work to avoid professional confusion or people mispronouncing his name/thinking he is a girl/etc)