I think the last LJ drama I had was years ago when my acct got suspended and you called me at work to tell me how much you thought it sucked. :-)
this one's equally LOL for me, but for the opposite reason; I absolutely refuse to get into serious conflicts on LJ. I gave up Internet drama back when the alt comms on Usenet were still srs bzns. :-P
i treat arguing on the internet like i would any olympic sport. practice often, try different routines, and always be ready to throw down in a pickup match!
argument =/= conflict in my world, though. I'm perfectly willing to debate differences of opinion, but there's generally no (expressed) antagonism toward the other person; I'm not going to attack them, and I'm not going to respond to any personal attacks against me. people in LJ debate/snark communities in particular hate that; confuses the hell out of them. :-P
i take arguing on the internet v. srs. someday i will medal in it for sure you just watch!
ngl i checked to see if the person who wrote it was anyone i know hehe
I honestly can't think of one. Wow. I'm a popcorn.gif kind of person, on the very remote chance I even catch any. I AM SO ABOVE IT ALL! Not really, I just am never around when the awesome stuff happens. Tragic.
This entire thing, and the fact that it is vodkabeforenoon who posted it, is hilarious.

I like how the title is Clash of the Titans. GRRRRR! I R A TITAN! GRRRR