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Writer's Block: Beware the green-eyed monster!

Do you like to hear about your partner's exes? Does it make you jealous or forge greater intimacy?

i don't really know anything about my significant others' exes over the years (multiple sig others, present sig other included) aside from the ones i was previously friends with, because i don't really care. as far as i am concerned, those other girls were like training wheels on a bicycle, whereas i am like a bmw motorcycle. we may both have 2 wheels, but one of us makes you do all the work. i know, i know, i am super conceited and think i am perfect and everything but i mean, i am! :D :D :D
it's funny how most men volunteer this info. It's like OMG I DON'T CAAAAARE but it makes for good conversation.
they all get along really good actually. it's been so long since i dated either of them that there are no residual feelings or weirdness. yuriy really likes them both, he plays video games with cj and evan and we all have movie nights and stuff with roger and the girls (and sometimes evan, altho he isn't as down with the latest selections of things like the "twilight" movies hehe!)
Doesn't really bother me. The past is the past. I'm sure mine could seem quite colorful to some.

On a completely unrelated note.. seriously.. Timey messaged me randomly on New Years to wish me a happy New Year and to make a quite uhmm vocal comment about something (not anything about me), and then disappeared back into the darkness again.

Also hit me up if you're around the neighborhood. Weekends.. I'm telling you. ;o