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waterfall, originally uploaded by hep.

today i did this. also maybe we hiked 5 miles.

Beautiful! Where is this? I've been meaning to do a waterfall hike.
cataract falls up in marin. there are actually a ton of waterfalls up there (we hit like 7 in the 3hours we were hiking) check out cascade and carson too. that bahiker site is amazing. if you ever want company hit me up, i am always looking for more people to hike around with so i dont end up getting eaten by a bear. the kids are good hikers, but apparently they HAVE to go to this school thing EVERY weekday so that is no good!
Wow that is gorgeous. I wish I was there instead of here in Missouri where it is currently 15 degrees and dropping. Blah.
thanks you! yeah, this is our spring, but to make you feel better, we never really get a summer either other than a week. cold and foggy 365 in the 415!
i wanna go to niagara SUPER bad. do they still do the rainbow lights thing or was that just for a short time? i love the bay area in the winter, because this is like our spring, so everything is wet and blooming and gorgeous. we saw so many waterfalls today that it actually got boring after a bit. we were like "oh, another waterfall. nah i dont need to photo this one, i already got this style".
love it! did you use a slow shutter to capture the water?

we did a short hike today as well, I was pretty proud of the boys for making it all three miles. I only had to carry Albert on the way back.
i did! i was really lucky in that it was super dark and foggy today, because i forgot my ND filter at home. I shot at 200 iso, f/22, for like 2-4 seconds. enough to make things dreamy without totally whitening out the water areas. however, if there was any sun in the sky i would recommend at LEAST a 1-stop neutral density filter, if not multiple stops. i was shooting at the high end of a bunch of my lenses and if it was any brighter i wouldn't have been able to do long enough exposures.
post processed, yes? lovely. i was so stoked i made it on the last day of 2k10 after 3 previous trips with the intent to see waterfalls got distracted by stuff like muir woods and tomales bay oysters. man i love the bay area.
i had to process it to bring it back from a tad bit of overexposure because i was doing these natural light, sans ND filter, so to get a long enough pull of exposure with my lens already all the way stopped down to f22, i had to burn out the highlights even tho it was pretty dark and foggy out. so i balanced all the levels again and worked with shadow/highlight so that the whites weren't all completely blown. plus in this one, the ferns in the foreground were in the "sun" (direct light through the fog, not shadowed by trees overhead) so i really had to work so it wasn't completely blown. i had to do it on all the waterfall pics. to get the white smooth water you have to have at least a 2sec exposure, although really i find 4 is best. unfortunately if it's sunny at ALL you have some serious light issues to work with if you didn't bring a filter pack. this is why it's so green tho, that long exposure really works the color in there and if you can bring it back from overexposure everything is super bright. altho it really was this green out there too, this is our spring so everything is blooming while the water is there (in summer all these falls disappear)
Ah that is so gorgeous.

I love hiking to places to take photos.
Edit: I flipped through your flickr and loved the blurry Zane ghost.

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awe thanks you! i like hiking too. i am not very physically like, agile or graceful, so sometimes it is taking my life into my hands, but it's so fun to go see stuff deep in the woods or on top of a mountain. i like going to see cool things.

and thanks, i am gonna post those today too! i got another one that is funny, because i was standing on a bridge and someone walked over it. these are like 4 second exposures, so there is this like, ghost of her hovering above her. im gonna edit it to be super creepy hehe!
I suck at hiking real bad, but for some reason it's so amazing to come through and get some gorgeous views.
My favourite is still a 2-4 hour hike up Mt Rangitoto in New Zealand. Fucking brutal but I think the most amazing view I've even seen.
Especially sicne a government city like mine kind of lacks in those types.