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today we went to the tidepools. tonight evan is sick with the plague and keeps spiking a 104 fever. this is threatening my plans to have a slumber party tonight with all our friends! >:( wah wah parenting is hard. at least i have a bacon cheeseburger to sooth my misplaced teen angst.

yeah it's high, but its breaking so far everytime i tylenol him up. we run hot normally (like 100.1ish because of the health stuff) so it's not wildly out of character for him to get a 104. when i walked in 2hr ago it was at 106. he is a big kid now, so high fevers are still scary and worrisome, but not life threatening like for an infant who can't vocalize or tend to their own comfort needs. his fever keeps responding to meds and cooling rituals (shower, washcloth on head, etc) so until it refuses to budge it's not a huge deal. mostly he is just REALLY MISERABLE and doesn't want me to go anywhere, do anything, or be out of sight (literally i have to sit in the doorway right now where he can see me, NOT out of sight around the bend)
Fevers always freak me out because I jump straight to worrying about brain damage. If I saw 106 I would have went straight to the ER, lol. But if it's reacting to treatment, yay. And kids are just so resilient, seriously.
yeah, i have had so many high fevers from kidney infections in my life they are basically old hat. i will take him if it stays at 106 for like, an hour, but if it just reads there (because i am super vigilant about checking temps every 20min) i don't worry too much unless it's still climbing. however i am MASSIVELY paranoid about sicknesses and i am going to worry about meningitis until he starts showing symptoms of something else.
i hope his fever breaks :( my coworkers and i were just talking about that. fevers still freak me out.