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people wonder why we have 8782738728 guns and taught the kids to use guns young

SMC Emergency Alert System:

At 4:12 this PM a possible mountain lion was seen in the vicinity of 400 block of Harold Street. The mountain lion was last seen running away into the hills behind the residences.

If you see a mountain lion DO NOT APPROACH IT, especially one that is feeding or with offspring. Most mountain lions will try to avoid confrontation.

first of all, that is my dad's house. he was one of the sighters of the lion. second of all, that is less than a quarter mile from my house. Third of all, this happened at 4pm. Exactly when all of the children would be walking up PAST that house on the way home if it were not the teacher in-service early release day. fourth: it was a mountain lion hunting pair or mother and older cub. so probably a lot more aggressive than a single cat. I live in a well developed city area in one of the biggest metropolitan stretches on the western seaboard. however, it backs up against a giant undeveloped nature preserve, and we deal daily with all manner of predators that have little to no fear of humans because of close living quarters. you can take my guns from me when i stop running into mountain lions on the way to get the mail or bring in the garbage cans. and don't even get me started on coyotes or raccoon hunting packs. it is not people i am afraid of, but wild predators coming after the children or the livestock, especially at this time of year when winter has made prey pickings extremely slim (even tho winter here is our spring, there is still not as much abundant prey such as rabbits and deer as there is at the rest of the year. unfortunately prey animal breeding cycles are still on a yearly timed cycle despite the mildness of winter here and its close resemblance to spring everywhere else).
you should go w/ roger and the kids. they go, but i never have time on weekends anymore.
I almost said "What? standing tall, waving your arms above your head, and screaming at isn't enough?"

And then I remembered that you're probably too short for that to be effective.

(I used to run into them all the time as a boy scout and hanging around Santa Cruz.)
ya down there i hear it's like how coyotes are here on the flats, tons and tons. we don't get them too often, every month or so there is a spotting, but it's still enough to make me worry about the kids walking around unattended. especially considering that zane loves to play around this abandoned house near us further in the hills.
because your a crazy red-neck milita family from the cuds!
we already knew that. ;>

That's exactly why my dad is has a permit to carry in several states. We have established wolf packs and bear dens in range. And sightings ON our property. Not to mention coyotes, wild dogs, coydogs, moose, etc.
omggg you guys have coydogs there? i know they are a nuisance BUT THEY ARE SO CUTE!!! we don't get them here so much despite having an establishes coyote population.
I should recuse myself from commenting on this. I'm usually on the animals' sides. Also, humans are dumb.
oh, i would never shoot an animal that wasn't directly up on something aggressing. and i totally agree that it's humanity spreading that forces these animals to either adapt to new circumstances or move to another habitat if there is one. however, that said, i am absolutely not going to refrain from killing something that is attempting to eat my family or livestock. i don't go out and roust mountain lions from their dens (and they practice live and let live tactics here. mountain lions are only removed or killed once they have attacked someone) but if one is going after my chickens i won't hesitate to put at least a load of rocksalt into it. many people are very much of the whole "leave the animals alone no matter what~~~" mindset until they have lost animals or family to said animals. mountain lions absolutely have no problems taking large dogs, goats, and small children as hunting prey. it certainly isn't their fault that they become confused about what constitutes prey, but once they start taking pets and people they won't switch back to harder to catch prey.
Us too (well, the kids are a bit you to teach just yet, but we will). Coyotes, pest raccoons, and venomous snakes in particular wander through our yard on a regular basis. We mostly stay out of each other's way with the coyotes, but it's nice to have backup in case one gets ornery. We trapped and relocated a raccoon once. Once. That was dumb. If one gets himself trapped in the dumpster or persists in busting into our stuff, sorry, he's a goner. The snakes just have to die if they're anywhere near the house, I'm not risking mu kids safety on that one.
we have rattlesnakes here, but not in the immediate area. if you walk around on the mountain you will run into them, but we have been lucky so far that in 30+yr in the area i have never heard of people coming across them in the nearby yards.

but watch out for coyotes. they get super aggressive in winter and it's somewhat of a pain to keep them off livestock if you have any. we have regular breakins to the chicken coop and rabbit hutches around here.

we usually deter the raccoons with rock salt here. or 1 pump on the pellet gun. i don't mind them living around here, even in our yard proper (it's big) but i don't want them getting any ideas about who is edible and who isn't hehe!

the worst we got around here was a friggin bull that was just...wandering up and down the beach for two weeks before someone bothered to rope him and get him out
Oh man. I ran into one years ago when I was hiking in the Strawberry Mountains.

Scared the fuck out of me, but just ran off. I am not tasty meat.

I've heard that's pretty common. But be safe!

OK, I do not love guns, but if there were effing MOUNTAIN LIONS
its sad because i love mtn lions so much. SO SO MUCH I WANT TO HUG THEM ALL! but they also want to hug me and not in the nice way i want to hug them :(
Next time you are down in SC let's go shooting at the watsonville range. I still have a ton of ODB's .45 and .22 ammo. :\