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hi lj. long time no post. i have been sick, sicker, and now my arm is refucked up. my wrist that i shattered when i was a young skateboarder (twice) has been getting worse and worse over the last few years. lately i have taken to wrapping it pretty much all the time. it sucks because it's on the same side as my bad leg, so i can't really walk with a cane. you know what you have to walk with if you can't walk with a cane? a fkn walker. so i am hoping it can get better quickly and stop giving me so much shit. even tho i love my superfly purple wraps, i hate walkers so lets get this show on the road! and before anyone tells me to go to a dr, dude i know. i am aware there are drs. however they will likely tell me i need extensive expensive wrist surgery that i have no intention of spending money on or dying in, and that other than that they can't do anything so why don't i ice it, take motrin, and oh yeah, waste $200 in copays and xrays for them to tell me that.

today we went to the beach. yuriy wanted to go crabbing and my arm hurt so obvs going to work and shooting for 6hr while carrying a heavy camera was out of the question. i read my book and shot some sick IR stuff of which i edited 2 images from the 200 i took. BEHOLD CHERRY BLOSSOMS! i went up to golden gate park to try and get some shots of the cherry blossoms, but most of them aren't blooming yet even tho the ones around my house are in full parade. probs another 3-4days so i will hit it on sunday or monday. i found one tree that was tentatively pushing out some blossoms. i also shot a bunch of other trees, and the ggb. i dunno, i felt inspired but at the same time my arm hurts. every motion i do that rotates my wrist or requires pressure from it hurts and then pisses me off. so i cut short a lot of shooting i could have done. i will push myself out tmrw after work shooting.

this is a bridge. ir shooting is super fun, if really challenging. i forgot what it's like when photography is challenging. not to sound braggy or anything, just i have been shooting for a long time. when you first start out, you are just kind of blindly aiming the camera around pressing the shutter. you see things and want to capture them, but your capturing is mostly luck because you don't really know what you are doing. then little by little you start to figure out what the dials do, and how changing settings affects the final image. pretty soon you are shooting and focusing on all manual, and you can walk into a room and get the exact shot you want without even having to think about it. ir fucks all that up again. desired light values are different in infrared. the light you want is invisible, so you have to shoot several images bracketed to make sure you got proper tonal balance. slr focusing is based on visible light, so your lens will be improperly focused for infrared, meaning that focusing is all back to the drawing board and you have to relearn how to set stuff up. add to all of this that you are shooting totally blind because ir filters are so dark. it's super fun. i might go out and shoot some landscapes of the mountain tmrw just for the heck of it. i highly recommend all my photobuddies pick up an ir filter pack when they start getting bored with shooting.

If the bad wrist is on the same side as the bad leg, you can use a cane. Properly held, a cane is on the opposite side as your injury, and is on the ground at the same time as your bad leg.
yeah, it's not the holding the cane part that is hard, it's the dragging my leg forward motion that hurts. my leg issue is intermittent, when i am really really tired, or walked all day, or carried my heavy camera bag fully loaded all day, it will start to lose mobility and balance because of an old nerve/tendon/ligament issue in my inner upper hipsocket area. so i have to use a cane, but also kind if hitch it forward or pull it forward with my other arm all the way while walking. with the walker i can just push it and lean with the elbow from my bad arm while hitching it crossbody. i could probably just figure a better way to move it around than pausing, pulling it with my hand, and placing it in the right spot. i hear physical therapy will actually help this issue if i could find the time to do it (also commit. im kind of a wimp about pt). supposedly they will teach me a better way to walk when tired that minimizes the stress on it or something. its on my to-do list to deal with this year, but also requires facing things like "you can't walk as much anymore" and whatnot. basically everytime i broke a bone or got injured as a kid i wrapped it in an ace bandage and hid it frm my parents lest they beat me for getting hurt or even worse, take me to the dr. this had led to like every injury i ever got healing completely bass ackwards and now i get to reap the benefits of being a sissy about it. hopefully i just won't have a bad leg day before this hand thing heals up.
i know dude. and i feel totally stupid for like, not taking better care of myself all along. to be fair: i always had other priorities and it usually wasn't something dumb. (kind of like how now i would prefer to spend all my money on kids rather than give it to drs hehe!)
I have an actual IR modified digital you can play with if you like. It has a greater than 180 wide angle lens too, right up your alley
that's a great picture. and i love how you write about photography, so inspirational! (maybe someday i'll go manual)

sorry to hear about the arm :(
I love ir, one of my teachers in college made the whole class try it during the fall time.  I got some really awesome pictures. 
fall + ir is the best. it's almost better than fall + color film. we don't really get a fall here. like one out of every 10 trees turns another color and even then it's like, pale yellow. no rich oranges or reds :(
These are amazing. When we someday buy a house and I can actually put up artwork, I want to buy many, many prints from you.
This is what you get for being a hooligan. That's why the police scream at kids who skateboard, because they turn into old ladies that they eventually have to walk across the street, who then beat them with the walker for not helping them fast enough. It's a vicious cycle of degeneracy.

I have only shot decent IR with Ilford SFX... I've setup some stuff with IR LED's for digital, but nothing more then testing. I have a class IIIb IR laser which might be fun to play with (which might also make you blind). Then you can use a walker AND a guide dog.