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ir sutro

ir sutro, originally uploaded by hep.

first of all, today is an amazing day for hacker drama. first up we have my favorite #1 hacker in the world, gregory d. evans and his company ligatt security that got the shit owned out of it. (for background, and/or more hilarity, i highly recommend you read some of the older but funny drama.) the other hacker drama is the hngary vs anonymous drama. that article is surprisingly hilarious as well. i stole all of these links from girlvinyl

this weekend was amazingly fun. it made me long for summer, i know it's coming soon but i just can't wait! the children all had extended sleeping parties at other houses so i was off child duty for the bulk of the weekend. saturday i spent all day exploring treasure island while yuriy fished, and then we headed over to nullcherri's for a little big planet party. by the end of the evening renee and i were both passed out on the futon curled up with each other while everyone else played some insane japanese side scroller airplane shooter game a la 1942.

sunday renee, t12 and i went out to do some ir photography in and around sf. driving around, blasting tupac, taking pictures at sf state. we also hit up lake merced and fort funston. it was super fun, all of the things summer is made of. afterwards we picked up yuriy and we all went out for a delicious sushi dinner. yuriy and i both have started to forgo sushi because he is getting way into fish conservation and sushi procurement often doesn't use non-invasive or sustainable practices. we do a lot of talking with our sushi places that we still frequent on how and where they get their fish, etc. this means we only frequent a few places anymore that source their fish locally and using sustainable methods.

yuriy is getting more and more into fish conservation. he read up on how california destroyed the salmon and was really upset about it. i have the feeling in a couple years he will start taking ecology and fish husbandry classes at one of the local colleges and eventually get his degree and become a park ranger. this suits me just fine because eventually when the children go off to college i want to move on top of a higher mountain anyway. it's a short thing, i like to be up high. feels more safe when i can see what's coming. as the perfect cap to an amazing weekend we spent all evening last night talking, cuddling, and watching portlandia and fishing shows alternately. (we alternate picks).

today zane is home sick with what i hope won't be the next round of commuter flu to overtake the household. we are watching zombieland currently, because we both had terrible emotionally taxing dreams about zombies last night so obvs the logical thing to do is watch zombie movies all day. also: BILL FUCKING MURRAY! hopefully i will be able to catch up on work and get this house under control as well today.


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