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odrama bin HAXED (>^_^)> <(^_^<) HAMTARO WAS HERE


sup lj. i have to go to the zoo in like, right now, but i wanted to throw up this triptych of examples of the difference between ir photography and reality. here is a color image of some reeds i shoot in golden gate park on wednesday:

this is the desaturated black and white image (i only removed the color) so you can see what it would look like under normal light without color:

and here is the infrared image, same time of day, taken about 5 mins previous, same light, same lens, same everything (except the iso is bumped up to like 800)

as you can see, ir light has a totally different quality. greens and reds turn ethereal ghost pale, while things in other tonal ranges will go black or smoky. actual sunlight on the water doesn't matter at all because water reflects back little to no infrared light (most of the lighter areas visible on the water are tiny plants or algae mats.) under the trees in the background also has a totally different effect, more of a secret bamboo fairy garden and less "random mess of plants". you can use ir in really neat ways to isolate your subject for better composition. today i will try to shoot some ir animals. will report back on the success or failure of the mission. over.

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