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i've been meaning to do a real update post but i have been exceedingly busy over the past weekend. today i need to slam out a bunch of work so that we can hit the pillowfight if it isn't raining tonight. also my throat hurts and i have had the shivers all day, clearly going out at night in the rain is the best idea y/y? valentine's day to me is more about making valentines for my friends and then having a giant pillowfight in downtown san francisco with them and 8000 other people. barring that, if i can have a burger from joe's cable car i will be a happy girl. also a giant tin of almond roca. i am not hard to please. i think yuriy is going to like the stuff i got him this year. i have been having to hold myself back from preemptively gifting him for like a week now, and while shopping on haight st. yesterday i found him the perfect "real" gift. i already know what i am getting (or suspect that i am getting it) a LaCie 2TB wireless NAS server so i don't have to fight to recover space on the mock server farm i have crafted out of tiny usb portable externals. i have real servers set up at work, but going to sausalito just to drop off a couple gigs of files is so demeaning, and sending it over the internet just insures that i earn the wrath of every gamer in the house due to sucking up all the outbound. so this is basically the best gift i could get, AND will save me from pulling out my hair everytime i need to dump some cards but can't find any blocks of space. like say, for tonight so i can take 10000 jpgs at the pillowfight! so ljpals, what is your favorite candy to gorge on for valentine's day? i admit that i have skipped right over vday candy this year and have been eating like 5 or 6 cadbury caramel eggs per day since they dropped into stores like 2weeks ago.

haha I'm with you on the Cadburry eggs. I went into 7-11 the other day to get a cherry slurpee and on my way to check out I nearly stroked out when I saw they were back in season.
i am currently reversing the good of my gym trip this morning by eating milk chocolate chips. From the bag. Classay!

That pillowfight looks awesome! (Do you think it would be too insane for my 3-year-old?
people do a pretty good job of watching out for kids. just stay near her and near the edges (there will usually be a section that becomes the "kid section" on the north side of the plaza near the fountain.). she won't want to go into the middle anyway because from her perspective it's a sea of knees (even from mine it's a sea of chests so i stay near the edges too). even if it's raining people are planning on going down so there should be a good show regardless. every year i see tiny kids having a BLAST. our kids have been going for like 7 years now since zoe and zane were pretty small.
Ooohhhhh Cadbury eggs! I'm not too fond of the caramel ones, but I'll never get tired of the creme eggs.

For V-Day, I have to admit that I love Hershey kisses. Not particularly fancy or expensive (although I do love the expensive stuff too :D) but there you go.