pacman inkee


pillowwarriors, originally uploaded by hep.

whats up lj? i have the children home today for something called "ski week" which was never a thing when i went to school, but apparently is now (thx california education cuts). evan is off next week, and the girls are off this week so that surely makes things completely fucking pointless. but whatever. zane is preparing to go have a sleepover with her friend that has been on extended sick independent study from school for like 3 months. she is super excited and has had her bag packed since yesterday. as for the rest of us, we are going to ride out this storm (i heard thunder once, that counts as a storm) by watching movies and eating cupcakes until things blow over. these images are obviously all from the pillowfight. i am going to go enjoy the rest of this lazy day (yuriy is working from home as well so he didn't have to bike the 15miles to work in the rain) and hang out with my family. <3

I don't usually comment on your posts, because we're new friends, met under odd circumstance, and also whenever you make a photo post, I lose HUGE CHUNKS OF TIME, getting lost in your old photography. I love it all, and I just wanted to say I think you're really rad. I will try to comment more in the future.