pacman inkee

from an lj friend

i love jackie speier first off. i think she is amazing. she survived jonestown with five bullets and waited 22hr before help got in there. i don't always agree with her, for instance she is a little more strict on gun control than i am (however, she obvs has her reasons, and she is not SO strict that i can't deal) but on many things we agree. thank you jackie for saying what the rest of us who believe the same couldn't stand on the congressional floor and say.
oh, so she meant that the baby had implanted there, not "moved" there. that's what made it confusing to me.
i think she was just shocked and frustrated and not ready to have to have that convo on the house floor. she is usually super unflappable and she appears to be a little lost for words sometimes in this clip.
Seriously, talk about an awkward thing to talk about in front of 434 other people.
AND knowing its going out live to the rest of the country. she is so courageous man, i dont even know if i would be able to do that.