That's a wonderful shot :-)

I do wonder how much credibility that story lost simply from being broken on Fox News, though...
yeah, im excited for our new future alien overlords! the funny thing is that the previous article i had read was about our local high school students making a program for identifying different kinds of stars and their sizes/ages in conjunction with real astronomers. they got started by studying a star that "blinks off" every 27yrs, and determined it was because a binary star covered by stellar dust was covering it as it crossed. the binary star is still in the planet building stage of it's stellar dust phase, which means that in real time (not looking into the past lightspeed time) it has probably made planets already, and one of them might be an earth goldilocks planet! tripppyyyyy

i think it's been like 6 months at this point since i shot these. i took it this summer camping up in humboldt in early aug. i should start revisiting old stuff every once in awhile tho!
we just went up to literally like 10miles over the county line. right outside garborville, a place called richardson's grove that is an old growth redwood grove. its amazing.

back in the day when i was really little i lived in crescent city with my dad for awhile. this had to be the late 80s, and i remember it was before the quake and before i moved to yugoslavia. he was building the prison at the time and so living up there for a year or two while working that job. we lived in a campground that was super nice because he just bought a trailer since he would only be there a year and he wanted to be able to go back and forth to get me. now that i think about it, i was really lucky to get to do that. that campground had hundreds of kids there all the time, there were local kids that also came there to play with kids so there were other people i would see regularly. they had giant campground wide campfires every night. and it was in the middle of a redwood forest with like a fkn bambi stream right outside our door. and i totally took it for granted like an ungrateful brat. lol!