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Writer's Block: Dear LiveJournal

How long have you been on Livejournal? What major life changes has LiveJournal witnessed?

lol. 100yr? jk jk, over 10yr now i think. Created on 2000-12-13 16:35:17 . what major life changes? the purposeful destruction of my previous photography career. the purposeful destruction of my software engineering career. the re-genesis of my photography career. several boyfriends. several worthless relationships. two semi-worthful relationships. one incredibly important life-fulfilling relationship. tons of art. tons of photography. 3 toddlers growing into children and then into young adults. many many animals. the deaths of a few beloved animals. the deaths of countless friends and other treasured family members. the deaths of my beloved grandparents. endless bitching about my mother. endless bitching about the internet/infosec scene/activist scene/irc. 10 major protests. the 2002 anti-war protests. the 2003 antiwar protests. the 2004 RNC protests. the 2005 anti-bush protests. the 2006 anti-afg protests. countless pro-palestine and pro-immigration protests. getting arrested 4 times. blogging from jail. blogging from riots. and now? aliens.

also my worst nightmare. if you ride bart, or trains with cloth seats, READ THIS ARTICLE so you can be terrified too.
Why have people stopped protesting the wars? Is it because Obama ended them all?
they havent. just lately the protest focus has been more on pro/anti-immigration stuff than anti-war stuff. there is still a yearly "get out of afg" protest that draws several thousand. but the big draw protests now are all the immigration rallies on both sides, plus the more political stuff like teapartiers and whatnot.
Every time I read about someone who is pro-Palestine, it makes me smile and feel like less of a terrible person, with the stigma attached to anyone who doesn't support Israel's terrorism.

And I think you're my new hero. I've been dealing with armchair activists all weekend, becoming increasingly irritated at their laziness, so to read about someone who is so involved and passionate about fighting social injustice... yay!
That bacteria/lice thing is a concern for a lot of plush seating at places like Starbucks and so forth. Trust me. D:
ONLY 4 TIMES? Slacker.