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odrama bin HAXED (>^_^)> <(^_^<) HAMTARO WAS HERE

ggb vista pt

ggb vista pt, originally uploaded by hep.

it is almost 10pm and yuriy is STILL ON A CONFERENCE CALL. this shit is non-legit. so let me catch you up. this weekend i spring cleaned. next weekend is evan's bday party, and 2 weekends after is zane's so i figured i would do it while i had a slim window of nothing to do. today yuriy stayed home with a cycling injury and we mostly ran errands, doing all the shopping before i drop my car off tmrw at the car dr. my life is otherwise boring right now. my wrist hurts a little more, my leg hurts a little less, i have a tad bit more free time than usual but i am going to spend it finishing projects that need attn. this is what i am dealing with most right now:

i have been having fun in my new comm as well. i recommend you all join: all_alone_forev. i am envisioning it as both a place to hang out with all my friends and new friends mixed with if i ran a talk show mixed with random competitions (like internet scavenger hunts, those used to be so fun!) mixed with other fun shit as i think of it. i have a lot of ideas so far. i am going to start really ramping things up next week.

yay yuriy is off his call! now we are going to watch any movie EXCEPT the perfect storm, because he already made me watch that tonite and then i was terrified the entire time i was driving to and from ninjalie's house. OMG A GIANT WAVE IS GOING TO HOOK AROUND THE BAY AND SWAMP THE 101 CAUSEWAY RIGHT WHEN I GO ACROOOOSSSSSSS


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