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tunnel gate

tunnel gate, originally uploaded by hep.

other parts of the country get snow days, we get tsunami days here. evan's school is closed due to being in the potential inundation zone and also a designated red cross shelter, which is fine because i was keeping evan home sick anyway.hopefully we will all still be here in an hour when this tsunami hits. jokes aside, my heart goes out to all those in japan who have lost loved ones. <3 to all. may your day be less hectic than mine.

Want to hear the stupidest thing ever? My girlfriend works at UCLA, which is a few miles from the beach. She also works on the second floor. Her completely irrational co-worker says she doesn't want to be there "risking her life" if a tsunami is on the way. I just don't even know what's going on there. lol
also i had no idea you guys were in socal! i thought you were in minnesota or some weird state like that for some reason!
daaaaang i know yaya! yay for more native californians man. few and far between in the big cities these days. now i like you like 100% more :))
Yahya's food is like the best ever. I've driven all the way up there just to go to dinner. I need to do that again soon, it's been too long.