odrama bin HAXED (>^_^)> <(^_^<) HAMTARO WAS HERE (hep) wrote,
odrama bin HAXED (>^_^)> <(^_^<) HAMTARO WAS HERE

tunnel gate

tunnel gate, originally uploaded by hep.

other parts of the country get snow days, we get tsunami days here. evan's school is closed due to being in the potential inundation zone and also a designated red cross shelter, which is fine because i was keeping evan home sick anyway.hopefully we will all still be here in an hour when this tsunami hits. jokes aside, my heart goes out to all those in japan who have lost loved ones. <3 to all. may your day be less hectic than mine.


  • everything sucks.

    see subject.

  • ok fine

    i'll come back to livejournal. here is a picture of space. as always, click to embiggen.

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    I stole this meme from tessibean so hopefully I will upkeep it. My name is Hep. I look am 35yr old and I look like this: I am a…

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