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radioactive ir 2

radioactive ir 2, originally uploaded by hep.

this seemed an appropriately eerie image to revisit. throwing some links here about the japanese nuke meltdown situation at Fukushima No.1 for my fellow newsjunkies. it is for sure in at least partial core meltdown currently, if not full meltdown. the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has confirmed that uranium rods were exposed for at least a period of time and have burned out of their housings. also the outer buildings have ruptures so if the core escapes the containment vessel it will go public so to speak. links:

+ video of the outer buildings exploding
+ new american media article about the current situation, impact on california (huge, the jet stream is going to deliver it right to our door) and possible methods for combating radioactive particles headed our way
+ good easy to understand writeup on the tech of nuclear reactors and what/how/why this is happening
+ decent blog about nuclear tech that is always good to watch, currently running commentary about this situation
+ al jazeera coverage
+ hot air's ongoing roundup of all the news coverage for this event.

hope all of you and yours are well. be sure to take your iodine when the time comes.


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