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zane's birthday cake

zane's birthday cake, originally uploaded by hep.

sup lj. today was zane's birthday party (her actual birthday was on the 22nd.) 12 years already for my youngest littlest bear. I am so proud of her for becoming the awesome little person she is, and I look forward to seeing what kind of adult she will become. lets have a good old fashioned flist breaking pic roundup to celebrate, enh? (and for those keeping count, evan's actual birthday is on the first of march, i just posted when i got time last week (and just after his party). this explains why I am always so slammed and MIA in march) i figure that doing this on sleepy sunday is a good way to pass the time.

baby zane eating a snow cone, zoe and zane at the cable car turnaround
zoe and zane at the pool, zane showing off her finger puppets in front of the elementary school

baby zane

zane on at the fair, zane and zoe at the beach, zane making puppydog face (the pretend look she would give if she was asking for something)

zane at the pillowfight, flying zane while riding bikes, zane and ak before she left for Outdoor Ed (a week in the woods away from home and parents with the whole class)

zane and her bff jennifer at the class recital in fifth grade

zane doing zombie face, zane being a zombie, zaney crockett

bubble zane, zane pulling zorya (or vice versa) at chrissy field
zane doing the nav dept on the mock nasa mars trip, zane the astronaut

zane proud of her big brother graduating

zane in the hospital during her stay, zane and adam savage
zane releasing a steelhead back into the river, zane in her sleeping mask

zane champ of the 2011 pillow fight

zane with evan before an art show at recology, zane alone before same
zane in a box, zane king of the mtn

zane at dia de los muertos, zane as lucille ball for a costume contest (she got 2nd), zane with cousin kade trying to make him lol

zane blowing out the candles

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man, i remember all the shit you took for letting her dye her hair that young. what a load of crap THAT was.
i know right? god forbid children be allowed to express themselves at an age where there is little to no social responsibility. hehehe!
yep, & certainly wouldn't want to use something harmless & strongly desired as a REWARD for your child. as i recall, she earned that dye job, yeah?
she earns all of them. its *amazing* what motivation an $8 bottle of dye is for kids.
I wish my parents had had that foresight, instead I mailed cash to Manic Panic when I was 12 for hairdye
you dyed your baby's hair purple. wth. AMAZING.

how do you make these posts? do you use the rich text mode or something? or do you use an lj program? man, i forgot all about those.
i handcode html because i am a nerd :( tho i do it in the lj app so i can preview shit before i drop the code into flickr to post from there. these take awhile which is why i rarely post anymore hehe.
haha no, i figured it must be something easy to use because your posts sound like a bitch to do the html, and you're always like HERE IS A QUICK POST with 8 bajillion (amazing) pictures. lol ilu.
lol the "here is a quick" part is because i literally have time to write two sentences after doing the html. i do have some templates tho: the four square horz layout and the 3 in a row portrait layout bits are templated into a thing i use. and i have a script that will run through a bunch of tabs and pull out the relevant urls for usage to drop into those templates. i always mean to just like, jot something off on lj and then it takes like 20fkn mins so by the time it gets to writing im like "WHATEVER I DONT GIVE A FUCK THE PICS EXPLAIN THEMSELVES YO"
These posts always make me tear up a bit. Where does the time go?
She is so beautiful!
Happy birthday, Zane!

Man, your kids all have such personality. I love it. They are just chock-full of pizazz.
She is beautiful. Thank you for sharing all these..since we are relatively new to each other, I had not seen most of these. They are awesome and so is your girl.
Love these posts and the baby hairdye! If her Lucille Ball costume was 2nd I can't even fathom what first place was, not only does she look fantastic she's got the character down.

Happy birthday Zane!
they all do. evan is the weirdest because he has my exact face but male.