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yura sans beard

yura sans beard, originally uploaded by hep.

yuriy shaved his winter beard for the approach of summer. who is this cute guy that was hiding under all that hair?

ngl i miss the beard a bit. for the first couple days i kept doubletaking wondering who the stranger in my room was hehe!

sfbay locals: we are going to broken record and then bowling @ serra bowl. sms if you want to meet up and bowl the midnight session. the girls have their interviews tmrw at the zoo for this year's summer session so i can't stay out too late, but i would like to grab a few rounds on their galaga machine before they shut the arcade gate at midnight.
he always looks so much YOUNGER shaved tho. hard to believe he is in his early 30s.
Wow, what a good looking guy! Delicious!

In that first picture he looks like Marshall from How I Met Your Mother.
i usually say it like that for effect. mom voice is amazing for trolling.
haha.. it's pretty remarkable that your kids seem so nice and well-balanced TROLLS MAKE THE BEST PARENTS QED