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today we went to the zoo. i took some pictures. this tells a story.

"hey where did you get that?"

"was it over here?"

"or over here?"

"or maybe here?"

"hey dummy! over here!"

"getting close now!"

"next time maybe someone should read the signs?"

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the sfzoo. i hear the squirrels in the oakland zoo are bad too tho.
in the like ten mins i sat there watching the squirrels made off with like 2 bags of food, some pistachios, and an entire rubbermaid container of crisps. industrious little thieves!
gd those are some fearless squirrels. so cute too. i like that kind better than the reddish brown ones we have here.
awe i like the red ones too. they are super funny thats for sure.
that's hilarious! the squirrels here are pretty bold too, but we rarely take the stroller to the zoo anymore. did i ever tell you about the time we had a squirrel loose in the house?

we just made a squirrel bungee cord to hang outside the kids' window for entertainment value (like this:)

oh my god. squirrel loose in the house! my cats would have a field day. they would be like "NOW! NOW IS MY MOMENT TO SHINE!" and at the end i bet i wouldn't have one intact dish left.

we have darker squirrels here on this side of the mountain. those squirrels are the cute grey oceanside ones. bayside squirrels are scrappier and look more like teenagers wearing hoodies to get into trouble. you can tell they are up to no good.
yeah our squirrels don't look anything like that. there's some guy in the photography community that posts insanely cute squirrel pictures.

I KNOW IT WAS LIKE OH EM GEE SQUIRREL IN MY HOUSE! samuel was i think just 2.5, and we had come home from my parents from thanksgiving to find a squirrel had fallen through our chimney, and was loose in the house. good thing we don't have a big house. S/he was pretty easy to find, we only had two broken picture frames but a ton of nibbled on food on the counters.
Ha! Oh god, what person thinks a bag of peanuts is "secure" sitting on top of a stroller? Oh, the squirrels will never be able to get up here. They only run across fucking telephone wires.
hahahaha what the hell who leaves their stroller unattended???
it's at the petting zoo. no strollers inside the petting zoo itself, so there is stroller parking outside. yet, despite like 10 of those signs, i didn't see one person even TRY to squirrel proof their shit.
I love this. It reminds me of the squirrels here on campus. They are all fat and completely fearless because they're around 20k kids every day.