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Writer's Block: Teenage dream

If you arrived at your front door and saw your first love standing there, what would you do or say?

"did you lock yourself out again?"

for those who don't know, my first love was evan's dad, and we still live together (along with the girls' dad who i am not emotionally relationshipped to anymore either) to raise all of the children. yuriy also lives here, and we ARE still in a relationship together, because i like to make things extra confusing. p funny tho!
hehe thx you! it works out pretty well. most people are like o.O but if one refuses to fight, one cannot be fought with, and you do that for so many years and it starts to stick.
I love that you do this since I have lived with my ex AND my boyfriend for months now for the sake of the kids. It has worked well for us too and anytime anyone hears about the situation they are like wtf? You're a friggin weirdo! But hey it works. My ex wants to move out soon because he would like his own space, but it still worked for us for quite a while.
I also wanted to ask you, do your exes have girlfriends? That stay in the house with your or visit or anything?
sometimes they do sometimes they dont. it is also a non-point of drama because i refuse to fight with anyone, and i don't need other caregivers for the children. usually the guys end up dating friends of mine and we all already get along.
Yay for people just figuring out how to have a relationship(s) that work for them and are mutually supportive of everyone involved.
i kno right? my mom spent 10yr telling me i was doing it wrong before shutting up.
/rant mode on

Whats annoying to me is as soon as you explain any deviance from the accepted norms of relationships, everyone tries to label it or you or the type of lifestyle. I don't mind explaining whatever complexity our relationship might be if people ask, but I really get peeved when people just try to define it with an easy label.

Fuck labels, fuck any standards, people should just focus on whatever works for them.

/rant mode off
yes exactly. i dont label myself as poly because i am not, i am very monogamous, i just have relationships that have responsibilities that require me to maintain parts of those relationships until the responsibilities are finished. and i hate being labeled poly, not because i have anything against poly people, but because applying that label to me is a lie against the relationship style i personally find fulfilling. i like the term "multiunit inhouse family" hehe!
i applaud your guys for making that work because i think nick would probably kill my next boyfriend.
you just have to make sure you are the one they are MOST scared of! heheheheh
I did not know that, but I think it is FABULOUS. I don't know if you saw my blog post where I suggested three parent families- I kept it toned down for the audience and to avoid too much zomgdramaz, but I really think it has so much to recommend it.
it is probably one of the most support built in ways to raise kids. having 3 parents on deck to deal with any and all problems means that even if all kids have a conflicting thing to deal with, its all covered. plus there is never "do we need to get a sitter?" cuz there is a built in sitter of the other parents. and i get a lot of breaks because the guys will take over the kids for a day or two while i go camping with my friends, which is much needed to keep me from flipping out with schedule stress every so often.
I'm so confused and impressed all at the same time! I love hearing about nontraditional families and living situations, because I don't have the ability to do the whole relationship thing but still want a family. So hearing about other people's "weirdness" makes me feel less weird. :)
i have a lot of control issues too, but i think that is what makes the situation work. i am basically mom to everyone in this house hehe.